Setting up a HUD for SH

    • Ruleza
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      Hi all

      A few days ago I was trying to set up my HUD for SH play. I wanted to assign colors to a specific range, e.g. any VPIP over 25 would be colored green.

      However, I found myself having difficulties with the ideal stats for a TAG SH player. Based upon these, I could set up colours and add them to a specific range.

      I was wondering if anyone could help me set up my HUD. Which stats should definitly be in there? And which values are considered weak, strong, loose or tight. I hope this makes sense, as it is a little hard to explain.

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    • thonyfive
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      this is my laout of HM

      i made color ranges only for vpip.
      for each player i have this:

      Fold BB to steal__________________Fold flop to Cbet

      Att to steal_____________________ WTSD


      and ofcourse popups. they really helps me cause this severals numbers gives only small par of information.