Giedridze11 MTT journey

    • Giedridze11
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      I am not going to write about myself for now because i just started my session

      I have just deposited 110$ on my Pokerstars account and i decided to create this blog to monitor my progress not only on the field but improving off the tables. I will post my daily/weakly/monthly goals and also my results in MTT's.

      Today's goal
      :diamond: play my A game
      :diamond: don't tilt, and if i do go and take a few minutes brake even during the game to calm my self (it costs me less rather than playing on tilt)
      :diamond: write down the reason of tilt if i do tilt so i could work on that
      :diamond: instantly analyze the hand i bust on, to see if i played it wrong or if it was just the part of the game (variance)
      :diamond: don't play more than 4 tables so i could fully focus on my thinking progress

      So my weakly goals are:
      :club: watch at least 2 videos of mtt hands review
      :club: watch at least 2 videos of post flop play
      :club: watch part 2 & 3 of Champions stand up one more time than the rest

      Monthly goals:
      :spade: win & withdraw enough money for a new laptop + pokertracker
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey Giedridze11,

      Welcome to the blogs :)

      Haha. You're not going to get away that easy. Sooner or later you are going to have to write something about yourself. :tongue:

      What types of tourney's are you looking to specialise in?

      Looking forward to hearing about your new laptop + PokerTracker :coolface:

      Happy Grinding