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Pay your Debt

    • TotalTuga
      Joined: 14.05.2008 Posts: 57
      Hello All.

      My name is Carlos, and i am a 30y old Portuguese.

      Has been a long time since i've play regular Poker, around 2y to be precise.

      Right now i am unemployed and decide to give it a go.

      My objective is climbing the limits starting at NL6 Max.

      I´ll be playing at 888 Poker, cause i do believe the field is quite "fishy" and offers me the right pool of players i seek for my journey.

      I would like to get to NL50 until September, and i believe i can do it.

      Here i will post my progress and share with u guys my winnings and losses.

      I´ve choose the English forum to do it, because of the amount of players that view it and to practice on my English, cause has u can see, like my poker game, it needs lots of improvement.

      Will start with 150 dlr, and will play NL6, now, respect the BR management, start with 25Bi, and will move up to NL10 with the same 25Bi.

      Hope i can make the blog interesting enough to keep u guys come back.

      And please feel free to ask, post, or comment everything u feel like to.
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    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Hi there Carlos and welcome to the English Community blogs, we're very glad to have you here! :)

      Ok so let's wish you super success on your blogging journey first and I will keep a keen eye on how things are going along.

      Next, you're English is very good indeed, so any improvement will be quite embarrassing for us natives! :]

      Best regards and have fun,

    • TotalTuga
      Joined: 14.05.2008 Posts: 57
      So... A little late, but i've manage to start this after all

      Here´s the update for the Day 1.


      Played around 2k Hands today, after some adjustment i've manage to get a grip of it and end up the session 22.16$ positive.

      The pool of players its a lot maniac then i predicted in the beginning , so believe me wen i say that you have to have the stomach to take some bad bets on the go.

      My objective it´s to end this month with 25Bi for NL10, so if i manage to keep up the 16bb/100 that i get in this session i can make it before the month ends (fingers crossed).

      Leave you with a Graphic:


      Since i am unemployed, i have to get some routine in my life, without it i believe i´ll be drifting through the day without any purpose or goals, so still a work in progress but here it is:

      9Am - Get UP and take breakfast.

      9:30Am - Study (review previous day session and read a book, watch videos, etc)

      11:30Am - Play Poker

      13:30Pm - Launch

      14:30Pm - Play Poker

      19Pm - Work out

      21pm - Dinner and "ME TIME"

      00:00 Go to sleep (I Think)


      Well,apart from reviewing the previous sessions i intend to post hands for discuss here in the forum and on the blog.

      Read this book today:

      Easy Game Volume I 1 by Andrew -balugawhale

      I put it on a link if you´re interested in reading it.
      A small but interesting book, the volume II it´s a bit bigger but i intend to read it through the next week.

      While i am working out, and wen i go to bed i also listening to audiobook, usually some about personal achievement, some romance etc, but now i am redirecting this time to poker and started to listening the book:

      How to Be a Poker Player: The Philosophy of Poker

      I've put it in a link to cause i've manage to get it free while subscribing the audible service from Amazon, got a 30 day free trial and 2 audiobooks to listen within those 30 days, at the end you choose to maintain the subscription or cancel it, so forgive me if i am making something wrong, but if it is useful to someone its worth it.

      Also , i have a license for the Leak Buster on Holdem Manager, and will use it to review my game and try to repair some leaks.
      (btw if anyone use LB please give me some feed back, if the app is reliable and so)

      Well, it is already a long post so i´ll finish here, will update soon please feel free to comment, critique, ask or suggest anything.

      Sory for my poor english :f_biggrin:

      Cya at the tables.