So it's been a while since I've been here. For a refresher, one can see my last update here: Career Update #2

Since then I've been playing pretty consistently on a daily basis, building roll and moving up limits. Was a nice treat to see I'm diamond here now.

Had the roll to $14k or so, then started cashing out.

Got laid off my last job mid-July. Didn't play much the following couple months as I had to travel home a few times, mom was hospitalized, and eventually passed away.

Day after I got laid off, didn't feel much like looking for a job. Hopped online and 4-tabled Pacific Poker $2/$4 for 6 hours and made $2700 (Sweeeet!). At 10 times my job salary ($450/hr vs $45) I decided if I could do that regularly there'd be little reason for me to look for a job working for someone else.

So got back to playing regularly in mid-Sep or so, had a large bonus to clear on Party which req'd me to put in a lot of volume there. Pretty consitently made about $400--$500 a day 5 & 6 -tabling $1/$2 up to $5/$10 depending on who was at the table at the time. My top 3 sessions to date are $2700, $2k, and $1500. On track to make Party Ace level 3 prob by the end of this week, and strongly looks like I'll clear at least the 1st level of the $18000 Party/PokerStrategy promo for a free $750.

MTT volume has dropped a lot last several months, but I play a lot of the $11.70 Double shoot out sattelites to the Sunday Million on Stars, mostly just deregister for the T$, but if I win more than 5 or so I play the tourney. No big success there yet, keep making a big mistake or get sucked out on at crucial times. One highlight however was to eliminate one of the top ranked players (Pearljammer) from the event when I played it during the 2x-promo week, where Stars doubled the guarantee to $2 million.

I make the effort to play the very deep field Sunday $200k tourney every 2nd week or so. Nice ROI if you win. These usually have ~23000 (yes thousand) people, but for a $10 buyin top prize is ~ $25k. Anyway, if I don't get sucked out on somewhere I usually get down to the 300ish range.

Played the Stars WCOOOP event 6, was in top 3% of field for a long time, got all in for chiplead about an hour outta the $$. AA vs villain's AK, turn K river K and I was out! :-(

Still regularly play the Red Hot Poker Tour Red Club tourneys, make the FT most times, maybe this season I'll win my seat to the tournament of Champions, which the winner of gets a seat to a major live event.

Played live at the Casino in Calgary when I was home visiting mom - did well took $300 to a $1/$2 table and came out up $230 in 2hrs.

So, in closing, since I have supported myself and paid all my bills for the last few months strictly from poker income, I guess you could say I've officially gone pro! Not that I don't still suck sometimes and make a shitty decision, but I guess the good decisions outweigh the bad by a pretty wide margin.

So, Good Luck all. It CAN be done if it's what you really want :-)