Bored with SnGs?

    • kukkakeppi
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      Hi guys,

      I used to play (single table, 9/10 player) SNGs a LOT back in the day, though I never really got to play at higher stakes. I started with the $50 which I got from poker strategy, and eventually turned it into a $925 bankroll, which I cashed out when I stopped playing a few years back.

      Now, I thought I'd give poker a shot again. The reason I quit before was that it started feel like too much of a grind - like work. I could've basically written a bot that plays the $5 SNGs profitably, though as far as I understood it is illegal so I just played like a robot myself. Now that I've played for a few days, I'm already getting bored again since it is starting to feel similar to before.

      Enough background information, so let's get to the actual topic or question. Has anyone ever had a similar feeling themselves? How did you guys deal with it and respond to it? Did you move to bigger stakes for more excitement (seems like a stupid idea to me)? Did you switch away from SNGs, to MTTs or cash games perhaps? Or did you just constantly find ways to improve your game, so it never really got boring and repetitive? How do you keep poker fun for yourselves, instead of it feeling like a grind?

      - kukkakeppi
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    • PriscoInline
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      I try to play mainly HU Hypers, but I did get bored after a couple of months. Then I tried to play a couple of MTTs while I played them, which actually got me a bit more excited, but then I didn't play as optimal as before on the Hyper games.

      One way to keep playing the same game would be to diversify your ways of studying. Read a couple of articles on one day, watch a couple of vids on the other, review your hands in the next, then make notes on regs, etc. Then maybe it won't get so repetitive.

      I guess there's nothing wrong in changing games to see if another one keeps you more motivated, but if you wanna make significant money, you'll have to stick to a single variant.
    • andreibalint
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      Play huge field turbo and super turbo MTT's, there's absolutely no way to get bored through their swings.
    • SirPaulius
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      i used to have the same trouble, i was just changing a game format i used to play, cash, mtt, sng, hu sng, mtt sng. but my main game remains sng MTT.
    • bennisboy
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      I find SnGs and MTT's super boring. So I play cash, seems to be more action.

      (although unfortunately the big scores are MTTs...)

      just try out different variants at low stakes, maybe even a whole new game like PLO
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      Originally posted by andreibalint
      Play huge field turbo and super turbo MTT's, there's absolutely no way to get bored through their swings.
    • kukkakeppi
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      Thanks for the replies guys. I tried a few MTTs and they seem to be very different and have lots more action. Though the $1 ones seem like freerolls, people playing absolutely crazy. Think I'll try play 1-2 MTTs and at the same time play some super turbo STTs, see how that works out.