I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

St Staking presents a great staking opportunity for micro and lowstakes grinders.

Users must have 300 posts in the English Community in order to apply for this stake

My staking group, is composed of backers who have over 2 years of experience with staking. We are committed to the horses we take, and expect the same from them. We have successfully built up the careers of poker players who went from recreational to professional in a matter of months, and are willing to keep it up.

Screenshot of our players profits for 2014:

Who are we looking for?

Players seeking stakes in 180s, as well as other types of SNG, sattelites and mtts up to $11s. We take a conservative approach to moving up, as we take a conservative approach to our starting deal. You should have a HUD, a flexible schedule, be opted in on sharkscope, have good English and can put in good volume (needs to be grinding recently). Showing dedication towards the stake is very important as well.

What’s our deal?

50/50, and that does include rakeback and anything you play on stars (freerolls etc). You will not have any other stake, nor will you play anything on your own while with us. We guarantee weekly scheduled reviews (or compensate when we don’t, which didn’t happen yet). Different deals can be applied depending on your game needs.

To apply, please send me a PM.