Adjusting play against multitablers

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    • viewer88
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      These players usualy suck less hard.

      check out his stats on, if he is a coherent winning player you should assume he plays decent. Usualy these players know about position, odds, ICM, ...

      It is vital to make notes on multitablers. Write down how he play's his hand (coldcalls JJ, 3bets AQs IP, ...) because you will likely play against him again :)
    • frzl
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      i agree with viewer88. i would definately sharkscope him just to get an overall impression about his play. if he is a decent winner i assume he knows at least something about icm which means that i would push looser in some bubble spots where i know that he has to fold a very wide range of hands... furthermore i would be a bit concerned if he limps utg with something like 8-20bb or even shorter.
      another important "fact" imo is that you can steal a lot of small pots postflop against many multitablers because they don´t fight for every pot most of the time... at least i don´t :(
    • rowzee
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      Yeah, I always sharkscope the multitablers on my SNG's. There may be more good players at $11, but on the microlimits $0.60-$1.00 so far I have listed only 2 multitablers showing a "decent" ROI of ~20% while another 15 were loosing or break-even players.
    • grunta0
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      I also agree with Viewer88 but you should definately check out your opponents stats and use them as your basis of counterplay.

      I have seen terrible players multitabling five tables. (Maybe they were trying to clear bonus :D ).
    • AquamanBT
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      Google topshark. It is, in my opinion, more reliable than sharkscope, and it's free!