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"NLHE HU challenge" or "pursuing the dream"

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      Hi, my name is Janis (or John as a translation to English which I actually prefer).

      This challenge slash blog is actually a idea of a buddy of mine. And it suits perfectly what I want to achieve with it (thank you again, man).

      In short, I have been around poker quite a while right now. I have been playing different kind of disciplines:
      -HU sngs(some turbos, mostly hypers)
      -sngs/mtts (this is where I have the most knowledge)
      -NLHE HU cash

      In past year and a half I have been playing micro sngs/mtts. With some success, can't say it is anything outstanding, but I do fine.
      But the thing is that I want to get to a HU play (esp. HU cash).

      I am very competitive person so the game fits me perfectly. It is poker 1 on 1 - who is better from 2 players, who can outsmart the other one, who can find the little edge and so on.

      I have played some HU cash already, here is the graph:

      from these games:

      NL10 to NL25 is still mostly HU (part from it is 3 to 6way as I was waiting for opponents at 6max tables).
      As you can see from the stats and graph, I am not really that great of a HU player. I have some idea, a lot of knowledge, but I would assume a lot of leaks as well (it is hard to do everything on my own).

      Let's cut to the case.

      As I named the thread "challenge" or "pursuing the dream", it is my dream. I want to play HU cash and be able to earn enough money with it.

      I have been trying to find a stable with coaches and all that great staff. However, there has been no success. And I have tried to find it pretty hard, wrote a lot of stables. I guess noone is really that interested with the idea to work with an inexperienced player.

      As I am really hard working person, I am not giving up of course.
      I will get there either way!!!

      As I mentioned previously I was playing sngs/mtts and now I am still doing that (because I don't have unlimited money and I need to play games where I know I can win for sure).

      So HU has to be a part time thing right now. I can't go all in with it until I know for sure, I can beat the game.

      So here we are. I have very small br for this. So I am going to start at NL10/NL25 6max tables waiting for opponents to play HU and mostly sit out if a lot of people join the table.

      I will be pretty aggressive with my br. I don't think I will have any problems if it comes to moving down the stakes.

      And lastly, I don’t think I stated a clear challenge. Here it comes:
      1st – win 2000$;
      2nd – find a coach;
      3rd – become a competent HU player.

      As this is a part time thing, I won't post daily, but I will post most of the days when I put it any work. I will post graphs as well of course.
      One last thing, I have to mention is that I might cash out before I reach the goal (for reasons that I have no control over). That will slow down my challenge and ultimately my dream, but there is nothing I can do about that.

      P.S. If I do post some hands, I would be really thankful if people with better knowledge than mine, would comment them.

      P.P.S. If anyone has any single piece of advice that could help, please be so kind and post it down. Thank you very much.

      P.P.P.S. Can You move this thread to blogs, please? I think it suits better.
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