$15.000 in May 2014

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      WHAT UP

      My name is Thomas and I am a professional poker player playing mid-stakes cash games. Last time since I had a very profitable month was over 4 months ago (December +$20k) and I decided to start this challenge for myself because my game turned sloppy and I have been halfass-ing every month until now.

      I'm playing mainly 200 400 with little 600 here and there and I want to make at least $15k profit at the tables this month. I will be playing almost every single day hopefully, maybe 2-3 days off when games are really shitty.

      I don't have time to give much more details right now but if the challenge goes well I plan to start a blog here on EN community and I will write then my full poker background and whatever else you guys are interested in.

      I will try to update this thread after every session with a graph, some hands and also some short thoughts I had that day about poker.

      good luck to everybody
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