Everyone in the players group should have got updates today via email. It seems, an important step is happening soon. There is a last chance to join the players group right now if Purple Lounge and the companies behind owe you money.

I just quote has got send to members of the players group today:

You may not be aware that Media Corporation Plc has formally admitted that THEY owe you the
funds held in your former Purple Lounge player account which have to date been denied to you. A
meeting is being held in London tomorrow (2nd May 2014) at 11.30am at which it is intended to pass
a vote, which if successful, will mean you will not be able to pursue Media Corporation Plc for full
return of your funds. A number of former Purple Lounge players have formed a group called The
Players Claim Group. Their combined claim is for £500,000. They have already registered a vote
against the proposals being presented tomorrow. The more people that join the group and agree to
vote against the proposals the more likely they will be rejected. To that end we ask you as a former
Purple Lounge player who has lost money to read the below, enter the amount of money you have
lost and date and sign this document. IMMEDIATE ACTION IS REQUIRED.

Please then return it after scanning to: playerclaimplounge@gmail.com


(Please copy below text into an empty document and sign and scan to above address)

I am a former Purple Lounge poker player who lost money when Purple Lounge closed down on 23 of
April 2012

I understand that Mr John Michael Botros, sole director of Media Corporation Plc, has admitted the
debt of Purple Lounge poker players within the group known as The Player Claim Group while at the
same time he has stated that their funds were stolen by former directors.

I wish to join The Player Claim Group with immediate effect and support their vote against a
Company Voluntary Arrangement. I wish to see Media Corporation Plc liquidated so that
independent liquidators can be appointed to thoroughly investigate the company’s affairs and the
conduct of former directors.

My name is:

The amount I am owed is (approximately if you cant remember exactly):

My signature: