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    • freshprince0038
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      Hi Guys,

      I'm looking for people who enjoy writing about poker.

      If you are interested pls send me an email to [Edited by Lazza61]. More information will be given over email.

      Or does anybody know any good site(s) where to connect with poker writers? On LinkedIn, all I found where professional writers who write for bluff, pokernews, etc. I'm looking for more casual writers.

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    • Lazza61
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      Hey freshprince0038,

      I have edited out your email address as our forum principles don't allow for publishing personal contact information in a public forum. Please use the community tool.



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    • MJPerry
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      Damn looks like I'm too professional. Don't get that very often.
    • booomm
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      can you be more specific ? languages? topics? are ou targetting recreational players or hardcore grinders?
    • heelia
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      Added you, gonna send you pm after approving :)
    • metza
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      Heya, I enjoy all forms of writing and have been paid to write articles before (but not about poker).

      Also am currently doing a poker news satire: Weekly Wind-Up: Poker News Satire and am 2/3 of the way through writing a feature length (~60 min long) poker mockumentary.

      Got some pretty good credentials in writing eg. top 10 students in my country for 2 different essay scholarship exams but never found really great writing jobs around so am pretty interested in the possibility of being paid to write about poker.

      Will PM you once you add me. :f_biggrin:
    • ClerkenwellBoi
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      Hi there,

      Sounds very interesting!

      Although I am very much an amateur when it comes to such things, I am really drawn to any good quality poker writing that I can find. And indeed, one of the unexpected treasures I've discovered from the game is the really interesting stuff out there that is being written. It's one of the reasons why I ended up at this site as I love some of the articles and posts that pop up here.

      Personally, I'm hoping to explore more of what is perhaps something of a niche area, namely the psychological and even spiritual side and benefits of poker. It's something that hopefully I will over time get a chance to look at more in my blog that I just started recently.

      So as I say, it's perhaps a little bit too niche for what you're looking for but nonetheless I will be still be very interested in knowing more about what you're planning and any groups or sites out there with good quality poker writing.

      Keep us posted!

      All the best,

    • RiSh421
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      i am interested. I did send you friend request..
      i manage already 2 poker pages