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my poker blog for 60 days

    • misspookie
      Joined: 03.05.2014 Posts: 3
      Today is 5/4/14 and I will be doing a poker blog. I don't know exactly what i need to write about but I will go by gordons cards. I guess I will talk about myself.

      My name is Shane. I am from California. Over the last 3 years I have taken online poker very seriously. I have made around 50k online playing heads up sngs, 6 max cash and also heads up nl cash games. My goal is to move up in stakes and do this for a living. I play 8 to 10 hrs a day and probably put in 4 to 5 hrs of studying every day. I am a very dedicated person to poker. This is doing to be my living so i have no choice I have to be the best I possibly can be at this. And this is why I am doing the blog. On my spare time I like to workout and like all sports, fishing, hunting etc.

      So I just joined poker strategy today. And I watched one of gordons videos and was quite impressed not just by the video, but his passion for making the video interesting and understandable. I been on many sites and been very disappointed. So gordons the first person to impress me. I have not been running well lately and part of it is me not being focused and thinking about the game enough going into auto pilot mode.

      After watching his video my mind set was completely focused and I was fully inspired to play and destroy. And that is exactly what happened. I even ran a bluff I never run before where I check raise flop and turn and the opponent folded. It wasn't just running a bluff. I recognized the opponent ws donk leading the flop and turn over card to much. Floating to much and I finally took a stand and after that he slowed down. I was really happy with that play. I didn't care what the result was only the fact that I knew it was right play against his hand range.

      I never got upset while I played. I started behind against every opponent I played. but I was to focused on watching how they played and having a game plan and sticking to it to beat everyone I played. ONe player hit and run me and laughed in the chat. I said gg. It did not even bother me. He came back did it again and it did not bother me. So my mind set was very relaxed.

      My goals for the session today was to focus on what the players were doing and figuring out there hand ranges and also figuring out what they thought of mine. I also wanted to be more aggressive in beginning of matches bluffing whenever I knew they were weak and also raising dry boards that missed there hands.

      My result was I made 620 dollars in 2 hrs at 100 and 200 nl. I was very happy with how my session went and I basically crushed everyone except the hit and run player he got e for like 30 or 40 bucks. But thats fine. I was happy with the fact it didn't bother me because it was at the beginning of my session. Anyways I hope did this blog right. If its not let me know gordon I can always fix it. Old man at casino told me. Variance is like having a wife. It something you learn to live with, but it takes a few years. Anyways gl at the tables.
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      Joined: 30.12.2010 Posts: 3,107
      Hi misspookie,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy and welcome to the blogs :)

      Thanks for sharing about yourself and joining us, it's a great pleasure to have you here.

      I'm sure you'll love it here and decide to keep your blog running on after 60 days period ends too. :)

      Best of luck in climbing up the stakes, I'm sure you'll succeed there in no time with such a great work habits and dedication.

      Keep us updated :s_cool: ,
    • misspookie
      Joined: 03.05.2014 Posts: 3
      New Habit/ Goal 5/4/2014
      Ok i saw more of your videos. My goal is to move up to 1000 nl by end of the year. My goal for the day is to analyze every opponent I play to the point I can exploit them. Today I want to work on more spots to 2 barrel more often. I tend to give up when a scare card doesn’t come on the turn. And I am realizing that they can still fold and if they can call I can barrel the river scare card. So I am working on spots to 2 barrel is more often. I also want to find better spots to bluff on scare cards. So i want to work on stealing more pots. So that is my goal for today. I will update my progress at the end of the night. Of course if its a calling station I will have to adjust my game plan vs that player. Anyways gl at the tables to everyone.
      For next 60 days I will post 5 hands a day where I barreled the opponent to fold.
      My other habit will not be doing things on time every day. I will list anything I did not do on time to get myself not to procastinate.

      Thanks frankie appreciate your message.
    • cutegoldfish
      Joined: 19.11.2009 Posts: 4,335
      hello misspookie,

      welcome and thanks for sharing your experiences!

      i also watched gordon 6max double your win rate and HU mastermind and found them very useful in understanding the game.

      i like how simple he is able to present things and how he drills one important concept a step at a time into my thinking framework.

      good luck!
    • misspookie
      Joined: 03.05.2014 Posts: 3
      I appreciate that ty. I am not sure am I supposed to do the blog here or on his site? I been the rest of the blog on his site. I am doing his drills he is telling me to do. AM i supposed to list all of it? Its a lto of info I dont want my blog to be to long and boring for the readers if they want to continue reading my blog.

      Here is the link to my blog on his site.
      [Edited by Lazza61]

      I just hate to make it to long and boring for people to read. I know I would be like forget that his is writing a novel. I have a lot to talk about when I do play hands so its hard to condense everything especially with all his drills. But I will continue to do it unless he tells me I am doing it wrong. But ty for the message appreciate your feedback.
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,028
      Hey Shane,

      I have had to edit out your link as our forum principles doesn't allow links to our competitors.

      Hope you understand