NL 5-Card Draw approaching the bubble

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      This table has been remarkably tight, which suited me fine.
      Even so, I'm wondering if this fold pre-draw is too tight.

      My reasoning:
      The two players before me aren't raisers -- but they both are limping fairly tightly -- VPIP in the 20s for both -- I don't have VPIP by position, but it is likely less than that for EP and MP.

      behind me are two players w/ < 10 BB and a player that covers me.

      If I get in here, I create a pot where everyone has wonderfully great odds to get in too.
      My hand is an 11:1 dog to improve.

      There are 50-odd players left, with 48 paid.

      Is folding two modest pair here too tight?

      Feral Cow Poker Hand Converter
      PokerStars No Limit 5 Card Draw ($1.00+$0.10) t400/t800 ante t200 - 6 players

      SB: t7,544
      BB: t8,325
      UTG: t18,325
      UTG+1: t15,188
      CO: t22,155 (Hero)
      Button: t28,150

      Dealing Hands: (t2,400) A:heart: 5:diamond: 9:heart: 9:diamond: 5:heart: (6 players)
      UTG calls t800, UTG+1 calls t800, Hero folds, Button folds, SB raises to t3200, BB folds, UTG calls t2400, UTG+1 folds

      First Draw: (t9,200) (2 players)
      SB discards 1, UTG discards 2, SB bets t4144 and is all-in, UTG folds

      SB collected t9200
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    • Washdogg
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      I think this is a hand worth protecting pre vs the 2 limpers. If you're super scared, raise pre and potcontrol post-draw. But I'm almost never folding a 2 pair to limpers. Unless the big stack has been crazy I don't really see folding as a viable option, you shoud be applying MORE pressure on the bubble.
    • Anykey444
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      Did they both play complete limp with PFR = 0 ? It's very infrequent. Mainly they raise some % of their good hands. Even against complete limp of 2 opps with 20% vpip you are ahead enough with your 6% hand and you have position, so it worth to isolate limpers. Your 27BB stack is very deep in two streets game, it's not 4-streets holdem. There is nothing to be afraid of.