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Move up stake or multi-table?

    • ferretboy69
      Joined: 25.12.2009 Posts: 28
      I play 6-max sit n go's on 888 poker, I only 2x table. I'm beating the current level that I'm on, question is should I move up to the next level or just multi-table x3 or x4 to capitalise on a winning formula?

      What's people's opinion?
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    • andiofwbafc
      Joined: 01.05.2012 Posts: 397
      If you're asking me I'd look to add another couple of tables first before moving up.

      That's my own personal opinion though.

      Other people may say different....
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 10,741
      Hey ferretboy69,

      I would tend to do what andio suggested. I would add 2 tables. Then when I was comfortable and still beating the limit, I would move up but drop back to 2 tables to get a feel for the new level. Once comfortable I would start adding tables.

      Rinse and repeat.

      Having said that, there isn't really a wrong answer. Both methods are perfectly fine.


    • ferretboy69
      Joined: 25.12.2009 Posts: 28
      Ok that's good info, I'm only recreational at the moment so only get the time for about 10 games per night.

      I think I'll steadily try adding more tables before I move up a level, I'd imagine anything more than 4x tables @ 6 max will be difficult?

      What really constitutes beating a level, consistent profit?
      888 seems to be really fishy, I guess maybe there will come a point when i'll need to move site!
    • Rihard4a
      Joined: 08.09.2010 Posts: 2,064
      You have think what matter the most. Volume or quality of your decisions?

      In my poker quality of my decisions are worth more. If I keep playing my best and make the best decisions I will eventually win the money and increase the volume.

      If you think you can play as good when you increase stakes as you play right now, go for it. If you don't feel that you have the edge over players you can move back and work on your game again.
    • fitzinator18
      Joined: 10.10.2012 Posts: 447
      if you knew for a fact the next stake up was just as soft as the stake you're playing then move up stakes. but there will be a stake level that is kind of a ceiling for you. (for example, the difference in skill between pokerstars $7 18man sngs and $15 18man sngs is quite substantial, so relevant that there are definitely winning players at $7s that couldnt beat the $15s). at this point you'd have to learn to multi table anyway...and i don't know any sng players worth their salt that can't play at least 4 tables. for me, i make just as good decisions 4 tabling as 1 tabling. obviously when i 20 table the decision making gets worse but for the hourly rate it gets me it's still worth it.
    • NijeVaznoKoSam
      Joined: 30.08.2013 Posts: 852
      hi ferretboy69,

      i suggest to checkout this video produced by an awesome guy named "Collin Moshman"

      You will get then easy an idea what you prefer :D

      greetings NVKS