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WSOP side event qualifiers

    • RiSh421
      Joined: 05.10.2013 Posts: 217

      I am interested in playing the the WSOP side events this year. Are you? please share on this thread if yes.
      (I don't even think of the main event as i am far from being skilled enough for that, and qualifiers are much more costy.)

      until now i noticed those qualifiers, for side event:

      888: event#60, 4 500$ package
      Ongame (exemple "redkings", or "pokerheaven" or "interpoker"): event#51, 4 000$ package.

      Winamax (french site): event #51 & #56, 3 600 euros package. My prefered one with 2 events !!
      Espacejeux(quebec site): event#60, 4 000$ package.

      Every package offers the entry, travel and hotel, and expenses. So it is interesting for sure.

      The best one is the Winamax one, as you can play 2 events for some similar cost (which every site should do, because for the whole package cost, a room could easily add another 1 000$ for the customer/player to play a second event).
      Winamax is definitly a quality poker room, holding in respect (only Country to do that).
      The bad side is that the event #56 is ending the day the event #60 begins, if i win another package on another room. It is very unprobable that i go to te final table, but you must be ready to play, not letting it to the hazard, and so, you must planify every detail, mustn't you? (Anyway in that case you skip the #event much probably).

      I begun some play on it and 888. No success for now.
      Which one do you prefer and play?
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    • RiSh421
      Joined: 05.10.2013 Posts: 217
      5 to 30$, 30 4 to 160$, 160$ to 1060$
      final satellite: 1 060$ to the 4,5k package, sometimes a week.

      step1 10 or 20$ Rebuy satellite
      final satellite: 212$ to the 4k package, 3 times a week

      5 to 50e, 50 to 300e
      final satellite: 300e to the 3 600e package, every thursday.

      Until now i prefer 888 as i must defeat 3 players on the final satellite ( with before, gradually, 6 players, then 6 gain, then 7 players)
      -Redkings: from (around---rebuys) 15 to 6 players, and then, 19 players on the final satellite
      -Winamax: 10 players, then 6 players, and, finally 12 players on the final satellite

      888 competition to the SE, is more equilibrated.
      I cannot invest 200 to 300$ on a satellite where i must defeat 12 to 19 players. That is too much. I am a low stake mtt player, not buying-in at thoses stakes. So, it may be right if i play though satellites to get to the final satellite, but even there, i prefer to disperse the variance on a 888 model (6-6-7-3).
      Also, i can't play much on the winamax site as it is at ET 3PM every thursday.

      What about you?
      Do i speak to my computer?
    • RiSh421
      Joined: 05.10.2013 Posts: 217
      ok , no one is interested. :f_confused:

      I guess:
      -you only play main event qualifiers.
      -you don't try to qualify at all.
      -you don't read so long thread.
    • RiSh421
      Joined: 05.10.2013 Posts: 217
      I found some others:

      MPN network
      Offers a 3 000$ package for one side event of YOUR choice. (1 000$, 1 500, or 1 111$).
      Through 4,40$, 22$, 160$ and 645$ satellites. So the field is quiet equilibrated too, to me : defeat 4 players in final satellite. This one is interesting.

      offers a 4 500$ package for event#33.
      Through 3,50$,12$, 50$, 270$ satellites.
      In the final satellite, you must defeat 17 players. So quiet difficult.

      Please, tell me if you found some.....