[Challange] Half-marathon in september - betting inside

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      In the last few weeks, I've got some inspiration to run a half-marathon. And to make it a more challenging, want to make a challenge and betting here at the forum. I'm at the middle of a life style change, and have less problem with the diet, than with exercising. That's why I want to make this challenge. The conditions below.

      Betting theme: run below 2:15 in 14th of September 2014 at 29. Wizz Air Budapest Half-Marathon
      Duration of betting: from 12th of May 2014 to 14th of September 2014
      Bet stake: my 1$ to the bettor's 1$
      I want to bet myself minimum 250$ maximum 1500$. The minimum bet from 1 bettor is 10$. First come first serve! Any disputes we will make a Skype chat with stakeholders. You can bet against me until 23:59 GMT+1 11th of May 2014.

      - I win the challange: if I run below 2:15 at 29. Wizz Air Budapest Half-Marathon in 14th of September 2014

      - I loose the challange: if I run above 2:15 at 29. Wizz Air Budapest Half-Marathon in 14th of September 2014 or I didn't finish

      - Buy-out: at a serious injury I can buy out myself, with the following conditions: I have to pay according how many weeks passed from the challange, but minimum 50% of my bets. The buy-out formula:
      [number of sundays] / [duration of the challange (18 weeks)] * [bets].
      Here is an example: I break my leg next week, you bet 1000 $, I can buy-out for 500$. If I break my leg on 14th of august, 13/18*1000=722$, if on 17th of August 14/18*1000=778$.

      - In case of injury, I have to prove it with a video, or photo from the injured place throug Skype.

      - At every case, the official results the "Eredmény oszlop" (Results column) is the final result, that is the "Net results", not the "Bruttó idő" (Gross Result), the Gross time contains the wait for the start, too. The datas have to come from the official site.

      - I pay the apply fee in every case.

      - If I can not attend the marathon, I loose the challenge. Buy-out can only used in case of injury.

      - I will share my runkeeper history, exercise plan with anybody who is willing to bet against me.

      My actual health status:
      - I will be 23 this month
      - Height: 186 cm (6'1"), 120 kg (264 lb), with a lot of overweight, I made some dietbets, but have to make some more
      - My running history is really short: about 5 years ago played handball and basketball, then when got to the University, I left everything and gaind a ton of weight, I did not do any sport, expect a monthly basketball game. Then this year in February have 2 runnings, and then at the end of April started to run. I will share my runkeeper history. At the moment, I cannot run 5 km, and far away from running, at most I just jogging.

      Questions and bets please in this topic! If you want my Skype address, please contact me through the community tool!
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