Hyper Turbo SnG Strategy?

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    • kukkakeppi
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      Assuming that we are talking about a single table SNG, I would recommend you play very tight the first 1-2 blind levels until you get to a roughly 10 big blind stack. At least in the micro stakes hyper turbos, the bad players usually collide pretty quickly and by this time it is usually 6 handed or so. Then you can easily use nash to calculate if you should push or fold (e.g. the web calculate at holdem resources), though I personally prefer playing just slightly tighter than those nash ranges, since I think the other players are bad enough that I don't need to get my money in with really marginal hands.

      Edit: Just to clarify, you don't use the calculator while playing, but you can check some hands after the SNG to see if you made the correct decision.
    • k3in87
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      1000 thnks m8!!!!