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SNG Questions

    • Roszzz
      Joined: 09.05.2014 Posts: 4
      Hi guys

      I started out playing STT SNG's not so long ago. After 2k games at the $1.50 I'm still a losing player even though I'm probably actively analyzing my game more then most of the players at that stake, a bit depressing. So I searched for some playing video's and I saw the Collin Moshman video's and they are awesome! So many eyeopeners, definitely consider to upgrade my status in the near future.

      But I was so confused about a few topics:
      - In the video's he talked a lot about correct nash pushes and calls. I know the nash table and use it for heads up but how does it apply to 3bet situations, bubble shoving and Blind vs blind situations?
      - How this it differ from ICM
      - When do you use ICM and when do you go for Nash?
      - I thought you can't use the Nash calling table because it only can work against the Nash pushing, but in the video's he talks about adapting to villains ranges and so on, so do I understand correctly that you can use Nash calling even though you're opponent doesn't use nash pushing?
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    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 10,505
      Hi, Roszzz...
      You've already asked questions way above my pay grade.

      I do know, though, that the "nash equilibrium" gives balanced ranges.
      If you detect that a player is deviating from Nash in one direction, you can exploit that tendency -- I presume by deviating in the other.

      On the other question -- How is Nash different from ICM -- I think I'm right when I say that ICM gives the Real-money value of a particular stack of chips. The Nash equilibrium charts give the ranges where your push (or call) is +EV for that stack.

      I'm sure that I'll be corrected!

      Best of luck,
    • Regularproducer
      Joined: 15.02.2010 Posts: 11
      Hi Roszzz,

      I also started to play those 1.5$ Sng's in april and i can asure you that was on b/e for 1000k seeing my ev or overlay adjusted value on PT4 just waving up and down and the same for money earned.
      Don't be depressed, 2k games is pretty small sample.
      On that limit i strictly recommend you to use ICM p/f ranges from positions and also train them in quiz in poker strategy tool or sng wizard.
      I dont think that what you see in videos from collin is applicable for micros imho using that nash wich collin do in his sessions is much more applicable for adjusting to regs on tables and playing unexploitably to them wich means that he is a playing against regs.
      On those tables i wouldn't consider those frequent players as regs or not even a good regs.
      They are doing the same as you building br as you.
      Micros are very soft and exploitable and only thing you should do is to be disciplined.
      Do not overthink too much playing against those players at $1.5's.
      Make it simple as ABC poker.
      You have opening charts on and also avaliable material for testing your p/f and elefant for your HANDHISTORY.
      Just make it simple and it will be worth it!
      Fold when is needed, call when is needed, push when is needed, raise when is needed and on boards don't hesitate to fold for example JJ's, QQ's & KK's when after your reraise pre-flop your opponent ceck/raise your c-bet on flop with Ace :)

      Good luck!!!
    • Roszzz
      Joined: 09.05.2014 Posts: 4
      Thank you very much for the help!