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Range to defend/re-steal in BB vs BTN/SB steal

    • stttNNN
      Joined: 21.07.2010 Posts: 1,333
      Hi guys! :f_love:

      as topic says I need help with my defend/re-steal strategy in BB vs BTN/SB steal. I pretty much play against same regulars every day and there is one special reg that I have problem against so I will put him for an example here.

      he steals from BTN 3.5x as standard and he opens exactly 32% of his hands from BTN. So what range do you guys think I should defend with in BB to get profit? And when we call and miss the flop(as we will often do) what do we do or try to look for? :)

      When we 3bet re-steal him he only folds 15% of the times and he do not 4bet mush so we will pretty mush always get a call. Any thoughts what range we should 3bet re-steal against him? right know I 3bet re-steal this range: 99+,AJs+,KQs,AJo+,KQ

      When we get to the flop after 3bet re-stealing he only folds 38% vs my CBet so hi is pretty mush floating me a tone and some times he raises me as well. So it usually goes CB from me OTF and he floats me and then I X/F cause I am lost with ideas how to do when i dont have anything. I have tried to X/R(semi-bluff) sometimes both OTF and OTT and he is pretty mush not folding to that either. My standard CBet size is half-pott OTF and same OTT. Any tips or thoughts here what I should maybe think about or do?

      VS steal from SB
      Another spot witch I got problems with is when I am in BB vs his SB steal. When he steals from SB he opens 3x and he is opening 36% of his hands. What defend range do you guys think I should have? Right now I don't have any exactly defend range that I am working with but something like this I usually what I defend my BB with:
      Any thoughts about the defend range here?

      when we get to the flop after calling him I don't rely have any ideas how i should play when i miss the flop. I like to float usually vs other players but this reg do not often X/F OTT so i will have a hard time taking the pott down. He is pretty mush not a folding fan as you maybe have recognized now. any thoughts or tips what I maybe should look for in the postflop game when I am IP against this guy?

      when we 3bet re-stealing him in BB he is not a folding mush here either. he folds 40% of the times and OTF he do not like to fold either vs my CBet. what range would you 3bet re-steal this guy with in BB? any ideas? I would love to see a full range that you guys think is profitable to 3bet re-steal with. :)

      If you guys have any other questions or specific statistic that you might wanna know please tell me and I will fix that!

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    • YohanN7
      Joined: 15.06.2009 Posts: 4,711
      Regarding BB vs Button:

      From the detailed information you give, I'd say that you seem to do good versus him when you are in the big blind.
      • He opens 32%. That's way too little. This is auto-profit for you.
      • When you re-steal and he calls, your c-bet of 50% yields 38% fold. This is auto-profit too. (You get 2:1 on your c-bet. If you succeed more than 33% you automatically win.)
      • Add to that the 15% when he folds right away.

      What happens beyond the flop is between him and you :)