Courchevel bottom set flop decision

    • badgerer
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      this is my first or second orbit, i'm unfamiliar with these players. the game seems quite loose preflop. i doubled up the previous hand with a very strong holding, i've not played any other hands.

      PokerStars Hand #116062772877: Courchevel Pot Limit ($0.10/$0.25 USD)
      HJ (HERO): ($47.75 in chips)
      CO: ($37.03 in chips)
      BU: ($23.39 in chips)
      SB: ($2.66 in chips)
      BB: ($25.07 in chips)
      *** HOLE CARDS ***
      Dealt HERO [7d Ts As 7c 5c]
      *** PRE-FLOP *** [7s]
      HERO: raises $0.27 to $0.52
      CO: folds
      BU: calls $0.52
      SB: folds
      BB: calls $0.27
      *** FLOP *** [7s Qs 8c]
      BB: checks
      HERO: bets $1.19
      BU: calls $1.19
      BB: raises $5.16 to $6.35
      HERO: ?

      i'm sure BB is strong. he is repping a set but i have the nfd with some bd straight potential as back up.

      what is the best move?
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    • semmel81
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      It´s definitely a close decision against unknown. With extremely good reads you may try to see the turn; but you gonna open yourself for mistakes if he holds some sort of rundown.

      OOP I definitely stack off here
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      ty semmel81,

      i decided to flat this raise and the turn was J:heart: . villain potted and was almost all in. i called. the river was an offsuit K (broadway for hero). fist pump.

      i wasn't happy about how i played the hand at first because i put villain on a set. but in hinsight im not so sure seing as i had a made hand and quite a lot of redraw outs, but no implied odds for the river so im genuinely torn about this one.