Request for "VIEW the hand" option while in the replayer

    • wlcKeD
      Joined: 24.02.2009 Posts: 1,048
      I noticed you finally introduced an option to "replay the hand" while looking at them in Hand Viewer. But another VERY needed option would be to do the same, just vice-versus: an option to "VIEW the hand in the Hand Viewer" while replaying it in the Replayer. So you could finally ACTUALLY copy a replayed hand into clipboard right away, while NOT having to go through quite some time and trouble finding that particular JUST REPLAYED hand in your whole session review database ... :f_o: So my question is ... Can we expect this kinda option any time soon ? ... :f_confused: Or is there another way, that I simply oversaw, to quickly and easy copy your just replayed hand into the clipboard, while NOT having to search for it in the whole session review database ? ?(
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