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postflop play on the big blind (unraised pot)

    • lennert9
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 278
      Since I joined PS I've grown as a pokerplayer, especially the strategy charts are very usefull.
      But recently I've come across an issue which isn't covered in any of the articles: how do you play postflop, if you are the big blind, and simply checked preflop(because you don't have a good enough hand to raise)

      an example I've experienced is the following, I get Q4o, 4 limpers, no-one raised, so I check, and the flop comes Q 8 3.

      Should I bet the same way I always play with top pair, or should I be very carefull, because I'll have often have kicker problems?
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    • cannell555
      Joined: 06.03.2008 Posts: 2,410
      Hi lennert9,

      The articles state that you must have top pair and a "J" or higher kicker, in order to play your hand forcefully. Heres the link -

      Therefore I think a check fold is the best option in most cases.

    • lennert9
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 278
      okay thanks, I apparently missed that one.
    • s0me1
      Joined: 26.06.2008 Posts: 75
      If i have a hand like the example, i usualy fold if someone raises,depending on the opponent. I fold because it's an unraised pot, i haven't invested money, so i can easy fold.

      From blinds we lose a lot of money. I bet only when i have open ended straight flush draw and if i have at least 2 pairs.

      In that example, late position can very easy limp Q10, Q9.
    • nefarious26
      Joined: 02.11.2008 Posts: 413
      i think thats a good question, as the last post said the blinds are were alot of players lose most of there money, more so in the small blind when there has been a few limpers and the SB feels priced in to make up the blind then hits a bit of the flop then the next thing he knows hes done a chunk of chips, in the blinds your out of postion and unless you hit that flop in a big way id just let it go, you can make a little probe bet to see were you are say a third of the pot but you really have to be seen making them little bets with big hands too, so as not to look weak, the last thing you want to do is check call thats a big no no. so all in all just play it safe and let it go.