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NL2 Zoom 30mins session, leakfinder?

    • ImMrTryHard
      Joined: 22.06.2012 Posts: 14

      Here is a video of my playing a 30min session on NL2.

      Can any experienced ZOOM player spot any leaks?

      here are my stats as well.

      i feel like my 3bet is too low, i should 3beting more in position at those limits.

      also is flop cbet high ?

      thanks in advance
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    • Lucker9200
      Joined: 18.06.2010 Posts: 271
      Havent watched the vid and not really an experienced zoom player but your stats seem quite solid for a nl2 player.. I wouldnt change much besides the high cbet stat - 80 seems too high and you should probably start checking some medium strength hands more like top pair weak kicker(Q9 on Q72s BUvSB for example), mid pair like QT on KQ5 and some stronger bottom pairs which dont fold out lots of 2 overs type of hands on the flop. About your 3bet stat 7 is slightly on the lower side in general (I'd say 8-9 is the average) but its definetly not necessarily a leak and as long as you are 3betting people who fold a lot light and you 3bet more merged vs fish(AQ/KQ/KJ/AJ/TT etc) its all ok on this limit. Your 3bet call stat seems a bit high imo (37) - at these stakes people are generally super value heavy so there isnt much point in defending anything but the strongest stuff like TT-JJ,AQ,AJs(if u arent stacking off). I cant really say a number cause against some people you want to be calling wider and against others you want to be folding A LOT so just make sure who is who and adjust accordingly.
      Hope that helps :)