we are 3 guys from the german community which are searching for a new skype group member.
We try to find someone from the english community to improve our english while working on a lot of poker content.
Our group is more concerned with working on our own and trying to understand poker than watching the newest videos or reveiw all our sessions.

You should:
- play HU or think about playing HU in the near future
- have a good theoretical understanding of the game
- have fun while discusing and trying to solve theoretical concepts
- have worked with CREV or another analytical tool before
- not only think about an exploitive strategy but about a GTO approach as well
- be a cool mofo and not be huffish if someone talks shit about you

We are only looking for one more member who can contribute a good amount of value to our group.
If no one can impress us we wont take anyone.

If you are interested to join our group pls PM me with your Skype ID.
You will need to send us a recorded video that lasts 15 min where you comment your play in depth(live or Review).