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18mans vs 180mans, which one to pick?

    • ramabranch
      Joined: 06.01.2012 Posts: 340
      Hey there!

      First of all let me tell you a little bit of myself:

      I play online since 2012. I started playing with an argentinian stake group (Im uruguayan) last year and stayed there for sevenish months. The guys trained me mostly on 18mans although we throw some HH review of 180 and 45 mans sits from time to time.

      Altough I was trained by them for some time and then on my own with some ICM software I find I cant beat the games, I made roughly 1k on 10k games which is pretty poor considering all the effort and time I put into the study of 18mans.

      Now after some time playing on my own Im trying to get a new stacking+coaching deal and after looking for some 18man deals I found out that it was way easier to get 180mans deals for some unknown (to me) reasons.

      Altough I like the idea of playing 180mans since is closer to MTT game which I love and want to specialize in the future, I feel that it would be a loss of time and efforts to move on to another kind of game when I have not beaten the one I started studying. Nevertheless, Ive been reading and found out that 180mans seem to be more profitable.

      So here come a few questions:

      What should I take into consideration when picking one game or the other? Why some stackers wont bank 18man players saying its not very profitable? Are there more regs on 18 mans or 180 mans? Is 180man variance as high as it seems? Or since the field is so big you jump into some more :f_biggrin: that make it more bareable?

      Replies from regs of both games is highly appreciated!

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    • kukkakeppi
      Joined: 14.08.2009 Posts: 53
      I think the 180-mans have lots of fish in them, which makes them relatively easy I think (at least in the micro stakes there aren't many good players in them).

      I'm actually not sure about variance, I was sort of wondering about that myself too... But the good thing is always that you only need to be running really good every 49 SNGs and win it, and even if you bust the remaining 48 you still break even.
    • bobthebuilder00
      Joined: 29.01.2014 Posts: 24

      I think 180 man's are much preferred for staking because of high variance and good returns on investment. So, I my self would prefer staking 180 mans.

      Keep grinding!
    • Paakjis
      Joined: 02.07.2009 Posts: 141
      Had a similar situation years ago, I also would prefer 180 man's, mostly, how I remember, there were plenty of fish and also regular staked players, whom you can notice very fast and of course like bobthebuilder00 said, good returns on investment :)

      I did not had much experience in 18 man's, I started with 45 un later move up to 180, I for my self can say that 180 was more softer and profitable :)
    • SNGMentors
      Joined: 13.01.2013 Posts: 16
      I have played about 50k 18 mans on stars as Manhat10ite, pre BF they were easily beatable. Now as a coach and staker I would say 18s can barely be beat except for the few elite players playing 60s+ who really know how to play in the early levels taking chips from the regs. If you can't figure out how to chip up early in these, don't bother playing them. Back in the day, we could just wait for the chips to come to us, but not any more.