Верификация(потвърждаване) на кредитна карта.

    • ludiq5
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      искам да попитам тъй като съм малко назад със нещата,защо немога да си потвърдя дебитната картата.Пробвах 2-3 пъти но не става писах до супорта на скрил,но минаха вече почти 2 седмици никакъв отговор.
      Та ще се радвам ако някой може да ми обесни?!

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    • tonypmm
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      Hmm, debit card verification is easy and usually painless... I can't tell from your post how accurately you followed the instructions; if you're sure you were doing everything correctly, then I guess that the problem is in your bank that has chosen to block gambling-related transactions to Skrill (it gives access to a lot of unlicensed gambling sites, you know). Given the fact that you're in Bulgaria, it unfortunately seems probable to me, though I don't know the Bulgarian regulations exactly.

      And yes, the Skrill support is unfortunately known for slow response times even to those who write in English. I imagine how slow the Bulgarian-speaking support can be then.

      Good luck!

      (P.S. I'm Russian, so can somewhat understand your language but not write in it. Please ask regular posters of the Bulgarian community instead.)
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      Thanks Tony, :)