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cash game sums display alternative

    • mrkhaan
      Joined: 23.02.2011 Posts: 263
      Hi guys,

      Today I sent an email to pokerstars to ask them if they would implement an option in their software for an alternative sum display in cash/zoom games.

      The idea is to have the possibility of choosing between standard sums (pot, stack, bets) display in the currency you are playing or in big blinds.
      I, personally, would love to be able to play in bb because I tend to think in % rather than in odds. Also, I think it would probably minimize the period of adaptation when climbing in stakes. From experience, when you climb in stakes, it takes a few K hands to get used to the new bet/pot sizes that seem huge at first. So, if you use this alternate display you can concentrate on adapting to the new level of thinking of villain without focusing too much on the sums.

      I really think it would be a cool option to have since it does not changes the dynamic of the game, neither does it give any kind of unfair advantage to any player, just the possibility to choose your favorite display. I would definitely use it.

      What about you? Do you think it is a good/dumb idea? Would you use it if given the possibility?
      Your thoughts are greatly welcomed.

      Quick example to make sure I made myself clear: Say you play NL10. The pot is $5 and player A bets $2. With alternative bb display, the pot would be 50bb and player A would bet 20bb.
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