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3bet bluff heavy range vs cold 4bet

    • GingerKid
      Joined: 05.08.2007 Posts: 5,588

      Lets say we are SB and 3bet bluff heavy range vs BU open raise who folds 95% vs 3bet. So I would 3bet mostly suited trash hands, and A2o-A9o.

      The problem is, that if BB is thinking reg, he will easily realize the situation and can 4bet any hand vs which I can't defend.
      How should I adapt my strategy vs that, to not to let BB brutally exploit me, but to still exploit BU? As I would go towards bluffing less vs bu, so I would let BB take bigger part of the cake.

      2) Opposite situation I am BB now. Should I assume SB reg has wide 3bet range and 4bet bluff heavy vs him? Should I expect adaption? anyway this spot will not reoccur often.

      The best solution I see for SB is to see BU's open raise as dead money, and to basically 3bet the range he would open raise from SB and defend accordingly?
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    • ZeDawning
      Joined: 27.02.2011 Posts: 204
      Hmm. Well this situation in terms of numbers (BU f3b 95%) is very unlikely to happen.

      Anyways, your assumptions:
      1. BU f3b 95%
      2. BB thinking reg and would exploitatively 4bet us ->bluff heavy 4bet range

      It would be nice to have gotten the sizings though. I'd assume BU raises 2bb, we 3bet to 7bb and get 4bet to 17bb (all 100bb stacks).

      So we are in effect wanting to play exploitatively vs BU whilst being as unexploitable as possible vs BB's 4bet.

      Lets work backwards then:
      1. BB is risking 16bb to win 10bb -> ~62% FE needed for autoprofit.
      We need to defend minimum 38%. So ideally maybe 50% defense?

      Now to work on hands which you 5bet Jam (All PPs, Suited Axs?) + Call vs 4bet. That range x 2 would be the % you can 3bet BU with.

      I tried to come up with a range but then got confused :f_confused:
      Not really sure on your normal cold calling range vs BU.