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oviss - SnG Challenge

    • oviss
      Joined: 19.06.2010 Posts: 228
      Greetings ! Welcome to my poker blog !

      About me

      My name is Ivaylo, I'm 22 years old. I'm born and raised in Bulgaria and I'm currently a student in the Technical University-Varna. I've got one more year to finish my bachelor. In my free time, except playing poker I love playing volleyball, jogging and also I'm a graphic web designer, even it is more of a freelance work, I got a few regular clients. I mostly design logos, advertisements, banners, facebook covers, sliders, mobile applications and web sites. What else should i tell you..hmm...Actually I don't have a lot of spare time anymore, but I used to play League of Legends(I was very good :D ), but I can proudly say that I've taken away big part of my laziness.

      About me(Poker career)

      3 years ago I've taken poker game serious and I can say that I was definately a winning player, but there was one day that I got some unexpected and not planned expenses, so I had to withdraw all my bankroll. I've played seriously only for 3-4 months, after that i've been depositing $10 once on every 2-3 months just to play some MTT's and that was it. If you are interested in my winnings back in time, just click the spoiler.

      06/03/2011 | $500 Guaranteed(R&A) | $1.25+$0.15 | 1/189 | $164.92

      06/06/2011 | $300 Guaranteed | $1.50+$0.15 | 1/254 | $106.68

      06/18/2011 | $450 Guaranteed R&A | $1.15+$0.15 | 2/228 | $125.22

      06/20/2011 | $500 GTD Deep Stack 1R | $7.00+$0.70 | 1/64 | $201.60

      06/23/2011 | $900 Guaranteed Turbo | $6.00+$0.60 | 1/152 | $273.60

      09/01/2011 | $750 Guaranteed Turbo R&A | $1.25+$0.15 | 1/276 | $271.23

      09/05/2011 | $2,000 Guaranteed 1R | $5.50+$0.50 | 3/305| $253.57

      09/06/2011 | $2,500 Guaranteed R&A | $3.60+$0.35 | 2/339 | $559.26

      07/06/2011 | $1,250 Guaranteed Turbo 2R1A ($250 EXTRA!!!) | $5.50+$0.50 | 2/234 | $448.74

      09/16/2011 | 2,500 Guaranteed R&A | $3.60+$0.35 | 1/303 | $775.50


      It has been long time, but somehow the motivation came back and I wanted to play again and the most interesting part is that I'm more motivated than ever. For a few days I've read a lot of strategies, watched a lot of videos&coachings and more usefull things, anyway I knew that I can't just come back after almost 3 years break and just crush the limits. So I've decided to deposit $50-70 and start playing micro limits and with consistence, willingness, discipline and constantly improving my game, I know that there is no way I can be stopped(LOL), well I guess this is where I have to say that self-confidence is maybe the strongest part of my personality.


      So, on 13 may 2014 I've deposited $60 as my starting bankroll and in the exact same day I've also made my first session. I'm playing only regular $1.5 SnG single-full table in Pokerstars

      I want to share with you some graphics and statistics :


      1. Tournament Winnings Graph

      2. Results graph

      3. Tournament Stats

      4. Overall Stats, this statistic is filtered for number of players between 4 and 9, as you can understand by yourself is not in the money, the stats are mostly for early+middle phase.

      5. Position Statistics, which is filtered same as Number 4(not ITM)

      What I want to share as self analysis is :

      1. Two things are clearly visible from Number 3 - the first one is that apparently I have problem with my game on the bubble(I've finished mostly 4th, which is %18 of all played sng's so far), I guess the reason behind this is because I play so aggressive on the bubble and in most cases either I build a solid stack for the heads up game or i just break the bubble. The second thing is that my HU game sucks a lot, as you can see I've finished 20 times 1st and 28 times 2nd, which in my opinion is really bad, so I guess I can write down 2 goals in the future :

      • To improve my game on the bubble
      • To improve my HU game

      2. The things i first see from stat Number 4 is that my W$SD% is too low, right ? 54% is such a low rate for W$SD% (Your opinion will be appreciated for this one)

      • To improve W$SD%

      3. Looking at stat Number 5 I think I can maybe expand a little my hand range from MP, also I guess I should reduce my hand range from SB(I'm not really sure about these two things, because the hands are such a low amount for conclusions like these, let me know what you think guys)

      Well, I guess this is it for now..I will probably post tomorrow some interesting hands or hands, that i'm not really sure if i've made the right decision

      P.S. The two thigns I would love to get from you are - CRITICISM and ADVICES.

      Thanks to everyone who has lost his time by reading my blog :D

      Good luck on the tables!

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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,028
      Hey Ivaylo,

      Welcome to the blogs. :)

      That is one awesome introduction post.

      I think you are wise to restart from the micros. The games are harder and the fish are generally better educated.

      Some nice tourney results. Do you plan to mix tournies and SnGs or play them as separate sessions?

      All the best on climbing the limits.


    • oviss
      Joined: 19.06.2010 Posts: 228

      Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Games are definately a lot harder than before, but not unbeatable for sure. Well, I really love playing MTT's, but I'm kind of limited for now by my bankroll, also I really want to focus only on SNG's for now. Maybe when i build up a good bankroll, I will probably choose a day, which will be most probably sunday and play only MTT's, we will see. There are several goals I want to achieve first :
      • Get Silver Star by the end of May(I'm currently Chrome)
      • Beat $1.5 limit and climb up to the next one($3.5)
      • Improve my game constantly, I'm pretty sure that PS community will help me with it
    • oviss
      Joined: 19.06.2010 Posts: 228
      Well, I can't be happier with my morning session today! Usually my morning session is really short like 1-2 hours, but today was amazing. Due to the killable rake on $1.5 sng's I've decided to mix a bit. I've opened 4 tables $1.5 SnG(like i always do), but this time to open a 2-3 $3.5 sng if I finish not ITM on some of the $1.5 tables. I totally agree with what most of the poker players say that there is almost no difference between the players on $1.5 and $3.5 sng's. So here are some stats+graphs from my humble morning session today. I've played 3 $3.5 and I got bad beated early on the first one, but I've made it to the heads-up on the other two and I've won one and lost one, but I'm pretty happy with it.