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Questions, questions, questions!

    • Jamie29h
      Joined: 19.07.2011 Posts: 32
      Hi guys,

      Having just posted for the first time after lurking the forum for YEARS, it looks like I've broken the seal.

      I am learning to play and hopefully eventually beat NL2 before moving up the micros. At the moment my goal is to learn how to think a hand through logically and generally try to cut down on those moments where I have no idea what to do in a hand.

      There's been a few questions going round my head that I haven't found solid information on and would love for the experts to make it a little bit clearer for me.

      Let's get started shall we?

      1. I currently play on PokerStars, I really like the software and am comfortable learning there, but haven't really tried many other poker rooms so it's more out of habit than anything. At this stage in my game, should I be looking for the fishiest rooms/best rake deals/bonuses, or is the difference negligible while I am still learning?

      2. Touching on the subject of rake, is there a clear bb/100 that I need to be making to beat the rake on PokerStars at NL2? I hear a rate of 4bb/100 is excellent but also hear that rake on those stakes can as high if not higher than that, would that not make you a losing player even when performing really well? (I clearly don't understand rake very well at this stage.)

      3. I play FR but am always intrigued by the 6-max games. I hear there are more fish at play and more winning potential. I have been reading strategies and reading books like 'Crushing the Microstakes' by BlackRain79 which are generally geared towards FR games, and when I dip my toes into 6-max it just feels too fast paced and out of my depth... What's the best way to go from FR to 6 max and should I just wait until I improve my game at FR before even considering moving on?

      4. I love cash games but I also want to try MTTs and Sit and Goes but is it generally best to stick to one game until you know it relatively well before trying other modes? (I have a feeling I already know the answer to this one and it's to stick with cash games for a while before spreading myself too thin.)

      5. Who let the dogs out?

      Anyways, those questions became longer than I thought, I hope they make sense to someone who can put my mind at rest... I'm thinking of starting a blog to keep track of my sessions and get advice from people so I will probably be spewing a lot of BS there too, in the meantime, thanks for reading.

      Who let the dogs out?

      EDIT: Just realised this is probably meant for the begginer's questions forum, sorry!
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    • Harrier88
      Joined: 01.05.2012 Posts: 2,155
      1. Opinions differ on this, but I'd personally choose to stick to Pokerstars, especially if you have a tracked account. Fishyness shouldn't really be an issue at this stage, you can find plenty of fish on every site on these low stakes.

      2. I'd prefer it if someone with a little more knowledge than me could answer this.

      3. Full ring games are recommended for beginners because they are easier to learn. You seem to have some experience about poker already, so I think you can move on to shorthanded games if you'd like to.

      Just keep in mind that SH games are played differently to FR. The games are more loose and dynamic, and consequently more opponent-specific and focused on postflop play. That means that the variance is higher, but so are your potential winnings. It is also easier to exploit the fish in these games than in FR.

      You might have to rethink some things and get rid of some FR habits, but I think it's worth it to make the switch to SH, or at least get acquainted with them. As you move up the stakes, SH games become more and more common compared to FR, and the highest stakes are pretty much exclusively SH.

      I'd like to recommend w34z3l's new 6max course, but I think you need silver status for most of the videos. You can find the related forum thread here.
      Other than that, these articles might be useful as an introduction:
      Short-handed Theory
      Short-handed: Pre-flop Basics

      4. Yeah, it's probably best to hone your skills in one format first, but once you're satisfied with your progress and you're ready to take a break from it, feel free to expand your horizon and give other formats a try. Knowledge of cash games can actually serve you well in MTTs. Just remember to do some reading on these formats first, don't just jump right in.

      5. Not me.

      Btw, I do like the idea of starting a blog.
    • Jamie29h
      Joined: 19.07.2011 Posts: 32
      Thanks Harrier,

      Really helpful stuff here, and I will definitely give 6-max a few more tries and slowly get used to it if that is the case.

      Unfortunately I can't get my PS account tracked as it was made before I joined the site X( is it worth using another room for the points tracked?

      I've just actually started my blog! Not much to go on yet but it's nice to have a place to keep track of things and get advice!
    • AnaJorge
      Joined: 05.05.2014 Posts: 26
      Hey Jamie29h,
      Im learning about poker aswell, i'm trying to create a poker studying group so i can evolve more (dont have the moneys to get a coach).
      If u'd like to join just enter this thread:
      Poker Group Training Sessions

      or send me a private message...

      1. At microstakes i think there is not much of a difference at finding fish, since at pokerstars u have the most volume of all sites, u are probably well server at this site ^^

      2. If your reading the "crushing the microstakes" your probably aware of the 40bb/100 possibility in microstakes, you just need to be really good at it ! ^^
      How much bb/100 you need to get even i don't really know, although getting even would only make you a Rake Pro, you defenitly should aim higher ! :p

      3. Dont know much about this mode except it is a lot more aggressive.

      4. I kept changing what i was learning and that kinda slowed my learning curve quite a bit, so in my honest and personal opinion, i think you should stick to one type of mode...

    • Harrier88
      Joined: 01.05.2012 Posts: 2,155
      Originally posted by Jamie29h
      Unfortunately I can't get my PS account tracked as it was made before I joined the site X( is it worth using another room for the points tracked?
      It's very common to have a Pokerstars account before joining Pokerstrategy. Those who didn't have one are the lucky ones...

      I'd recommend joining another room to play for StrategyPoints, you can check them out over here. It might be a good decision to choose an iPoker room, since they offer the best rate (5 Points for every $1 rake). I signed up at one as well, for the same reason.

      Just have a look around and pick any room you like. Also check out the current promotions on offer, they might help you in your decision.
      But please make sure that you follow the instructions when you join another poker room. I remember screwing up at this point once, which is the reason why my Pokerstars account is not tracked. :rage:

      Anyway, I'm off to check out your blog. :f_wink:
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 10,684
      Hey guys,

      Nice answers. :)

      And you're right Jamie29h, this will probably be better served in "Beginner's Questions", so I shall move it for you.