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      Hey all, my name is Chris and I am from Massachusetts.

      I'm a business student at Babson College. One of my interests has always been finance and mathematics has started to stem off of that. I've been playing texas hold em for around 3 years on and off and I am just now starting to implement strategy and study mathematics, game theory, etc behind texas hold em.

      I am also the president of the Babson Poker Club on campus which we just started. In the fall, we are hoping to have some top dogs from WSOP join us to help us train and prepare for live tables.

      So yeah, that's sort of a summary for me. I'm on here as an additional resource to learn the game!
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      Hi Chris and welcome to our community!

      It seems to me you could have plenty to talk about, how about you start a blog and keep everybody informed of your progress? Just an idea and more fun than a summary! :P

      Anyway, if you need any help from us you just ask ok?

      Meanwhile, have fun and I hope we'll see you on the forums often,

      Best regards,

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      Thanks and that sounds like a good idea.


      Do you guys recommend i practice in small stake ring games or tournaments to learn to play etc?

      I'm used to tournaments but I feel as if ring games would be more realistic of an approach to start since when I go to a casino it will be table games..

      I play on Bovada, btw.

      I'm from MA (so lot of sites are prohibited in the US except for NJ and a few other states i believe) and i am 20 years old. I'll be 21 in two weeks so i'll definitely be putting my strategy and skills to the test at the tables in a few months..

      i'm going on a cruise with my folks in july and they have table games, so that's my plan for my first live action.

      I guess I can share some of my experience as well

      Deposited $100 into bovada and was just practicing since playing for fake money people play foolishly, so i was playing smaller stakes and eventually went higher stakes, played foolishly, didnt know what i was doing, and have pretty much lost all of my initial deposit, but i learned a ton, and now im studying this stuff daily.. books, forums, etc.

      Other than online play i have played in one real tournament at an older friend's house. Bunch of 30-40 year olds, placed second with $10 buy in and $10 rebuy, won $170.

      So that's my experience thus far.