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Players with bad attitude you've met

    • elhh82
      Joined: 03.09.2008 Posts: 6,838
      Just now, i had this german guy, who is supposedly 51 year old (i doubt this tho) on my table.

      My first encounter with him, was when i made a steal raise on the button after he limped (he was limping all kinds of trash). He called me, i get a straight and flush draw on the flop, so i bet bet bet, eventually hitting a pair of aces with weak kicker. And he flips over, 24s to make a straight.. so i say.. OMG! clearly showing my amazement with his bad play.

      A few hands later i get AKs, so i bet again preflop, he calls me down. I miss the flop, but was checked to, so i pushed all in with the rest of my stack. He calls me with a pair of 6s (36s hole cards) and i hit my A on the turn.

      After the hand, he calls me an idiot. A Malaysian dumbass. and he tells me to go f**k my mom.

      I mean WTF?
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    • Gamer135
      Joined: 28.07.2008 Posts: 253
      Originally posted by elhh82
      Just now, i had this german guy, who is supposedly 51 year old (i doubt this tho) on my table.
      Judging by his actions, I think it would be more accurate if you switched those digits around. :P
    • Cagey75
      Joined: 22.07.2008 Posts: 96
      You're shocked by this? Maybe poker isn't your game :P

      Seriously though, I've come across much worse. I've seen people on Prima make disgusting 'jokes' about people's kids (in their avatar) I've seen people who've just lost a big hand hang around as an Observer to abuse the person who beat them, often getting racial if that player has their nationality showing.

      You have to have a thick skin for poker. You're not at the table to make friends, so if the abusive chat really gets to you just block that user's chat or turn chat off while you're feeling vulnerable.
    • csnmf
      Joined: 22.11.2006 Posts: 444
      I have only ever "abused" one person and that was today when i called him a cheater for using the disconnect protect so he didn't have to make a river call. Actually i have seen people do this a fair few times to me recently on partypoker.
    • Cagey75
      Joined: 22.07.2008 Posts: 96
      Don't play disconnect-protect games. Unless of course you get dc'd a hell of a lot.

      I dish out the odd bit of abuse but only to players who are trying to rise me in the first place.
    • delete461
      Joined: 04.07.2008 Posts: 1,036
      I play against a guy on PartyPoker who is there almost every day on the same tables. The minute he gets on a table he begins abusing and insulting every other player there, especially when he loses a hand. This is just relentless, he doesnt stop at all. At first it annoyed me, then I turned the chat off. Then I started abusing him back.

      Now I actually enjoy and look forward to our 'conversations' lol, although I only engage him when I am card dead or waiting to post blind and I am careful not to get upset or start tilting, it is simply for entertainment.
      Yesterday I flopped trip 5's against his trip K's, he shoved all in and I called. I caught the 1-outer on the river to quads and sucked him out big time. I immediately turned the chat on and as expected he was throwing the mother of all tantrums so I started goading him, telling him I had good odds etc. I even had to sit out on other tables until I could stop laughing.
    • Alafoe
      Joined: 28.08.2008 Posts: 202
      Sometimes at poker table I use world "fuck" of "FU" which is not polite. But thats the most I can accept in the situation.

      To say something about "players deserving shot" or "fuck your mother" or some player after his semi bad beat to my aces said "I kill you" thats the language which really doesnt belong to poker table and I would ban that players who do it because its disgusting. Ok when I say fuck its something I am not proud of and its in situation I am losing really much to bad cards of my opponent cos my bad luck. But I would never come beond that to insult player family or his humanship. Its something that should never be overcomed. And when someone wish others to die thats absolutely inacceptable. There should be some mantinels and when you have to fear about someone finding you and hurt you because you can never know its really disgusting and I prefer to leave such table.
    • gaz639
      Joined: 03.05.2008 Posts: 506
      when i used to play on stars before i found ps there was a guy who my partner beat (this was only play chips),on our avatar weve got a picture of us and he started hurlin abuse at her n everythin n she was takin it then he was gettin personal n abusin her coz shes english, coz o wot city she lives in n all that which we can take, then he started sayin she fat n ugly n all this n callin her a prossy n sayin he gonna rape her n all sorts, i went on the table coz she was in tears by this point n never wanted to play poker again n he started on me straight away so i just started givin sum back but nothin personal or anythin n he shut up n left, then we told the mods n they wouldn't do anything about it, i told em i play cash tables to n if nothin gets done then i would take off all my money n never play again and they gave me my word they would ban him, n all that over play chips, on cash tables you normally get a few offensive people but when u beat them in a hand n they go off on one just goat them a little they go on tilt n u empty their stack, works a treat, one other person everyone knows is markjam on here, the int. league players will know what i mean lol
    • ByronVW
      Joined: 27.09.2008 Posts: 37
      Its absolutely discusting how some people act. They are all so big behind their PC. If i were to ever run into some of the idiots ive come across than all hell would break lose.

      Peace of mind comes in knowing that u are better than that and from a poker career perspective ur emotional maturity would hold u in good stead in the future. From a personal perspective hold ur head up high if u handled the situation appropriately

      Personally i still wanna punch the lights out of some of these guys :) lol

      Anyways gl to all at the tables and hopes that none run into these wannabe's

    • LesEv
      Joined: 08.11.2008 Posts: 1
      Maybe this would be seen as unsportsmanlike but when someone gives me grief i try to extract more anger from them. Putting them in a mood where they want to get back at me, then if im against them ill wait for either a cheap flop or decent pocket pair and try to get an allin bluff from them.

      Suprisingly i rarely get the hand i want, but when i do, i get paid off good!.

      I did make a bit of a donk bet last night, i had JJ and a short stack raised preflop to 0.50 with two limpers, both called. Then after the flop he went allin - around $1.50 on NL10. The flop was rags, and i called but i knew it was a bad call. He flipped over aces and a J came on the turn....

      Woohoo. Tilt for him.
    • Tomohawked
      Joined: 04.03.2008 Posts: 18
      I encountered this guy during a bronze freeroll on Titan. He suffered a badbeat and couldn't let it go. So, instead of taking it like a pro he followed me from table to table whining about it. Here's some of what was whined directly at me during the final stages.

      What this guy had to say to me made me laugh, hope it does the same for everyone else. If it doesn't though you can do what I now do and turn the bloody chat box OFF. Yay, another lesson learnt while playing poker.

      If your reading mr whinny I came 12th :D incase you'd forgotten.

      99 v KK, 9 came on the turn and then he says..

      Steamer: so sick
      Steamer: always happens

      Hero: it really was
      Steamer: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
      Steamer: always the same with that f u kc i n g suckouts on ipoker
      Steamer: was so clear
      Steamer: damn lucker
      Steamer: and i may not suckout
      Steamer: sure
      Steamer: f u c ki n g ashole, i hope you die really oainfull

      Hero: heh is he talkin to me ?
      Steamer: no skill, can only win trough luck
      Hero: like i put the nine on the turn, wake up
      Hero: loser
      Steamer: yap. right, you are
      Hero: lol
      Steamer: everytime 99>KK, 77>AA, thats so sick
      Steamer: and the fishes get payed

      Hero: haha
      Hero: go walk it off
      Steamer: ?
      Steamer: go die

      Hero: the steam thats coming from your ears
      Steamer: wonder!?
      Steamer: sure not
      Steamer: you like it, when you get suckedout?
      Steamer: but i think you never put the money in when you're in front, so you cant get suckouted

      Hero: nope, but i realise it happens and get on with it
      Steamer: sure you do. sometimes is ok, but not so often then it happens to me
      Hero: i dont hang around crying about it, what do u want me to do?
      Steamer: kill you, would be better for everyone, especially your parents
      Hero: hahah
      Hero: pure comedy
      Steamer: ask them!
      Hero: how do i mute this guy ppl?
      Hero: or could u tell me Steamer
      Steamer: dont read, whats the problem with that!?
      Hero: good advice..
      Steamer: you are to dump for everything
      Hero: your a sad dude
      Steamer: dto
      Hero: ..funny tho
      Steamer: also you're dump and totally unskilled
      Steamer: great lucking around
      Steamer: why you still read?
      Steamer: bye i d io t

      Hero: i think the real Q here is.. why are you still here typing?
      Steamer: because i hope you'll kill yourself because i ask for it
      Hero: this is why i am reading it keeps me entertained while i fold some hands
      Steamer: yes, push against the other bigstack
      Steamer: what a play

      Hero: i have my first fan
      Steamer: go and die are you even to stupid for this?
      Steamer: yes, push again
      Steamer: omfg

      Hero: yay, my fans back cheering me on
      Steamer: call Hero

      .... I'd thought he'd got bored at left at this point. Nope, he was watching.

      Steamer: like i sayed
      Other Player: wow
      Other Player: just wow

      Steamer: welcome on ipoker
      Hero: now, is that guy mumbling on about it?? NO
      Steamer: and?
      Steamer: when he dosnt matter, its his problem

      Hero: ok i thought u'd understand the point i was making
      Steamer: i dont understand anything from you fishlucker

      .... Again I thought he'd gone

      Steamer: puuuuuuuuuuuuush

      .... Should have known he was still watching

      Steamer: Q
      Steamer: damn

      Hero: A Q or a J actually
      Steamer: applause

      I didn't manage to save what he said as I got knocked out. I was too busy logging off and getting the hell outa there. I'm sure you can all imagine what he probably said.
    • Berzerger
      Joined: 24.03.2008 Posts: 910
      People talking trash at the poker table is so much fun! Yesterday I was playing those $5 triple up SnG's, and there were a few regulars who played one after the other, like me. So I'm playing heads up against this guy at a certain point, we both got around 10BB, he min-raises me, I push with AJs, he calls with AK and I hit the jack. I can imagine his frustration at the moment itself, but he actually kept typing insults in the chat until the window automatically closed. As far as I remember, here's the approximate conversation, lasting 30 seconds.

      villain: OMFG f*cking lucker!
      villain: u dont deserve the win
      hero: standard variance
      villain: u just got lucky don't act like you're good
      hero: if you can't handle bad beats you probably should quit poker
      villain: oh, a smartass
      villain: i bet u can only win by suckouts
      hero: learn how to spell, noob
      villain: motherf*cker

      Something else followed, but I didn't bother to read. So I giggle a little and move on to the next SnG. And what do you know, when the game started I noticed villain was at the table again. So the conversation continued:

      villain: you again?
      hero: hi
      hero: missed me?
      villain: i wont lose this one
      villain: get ready to get your *ss kicked
      hero: lol, the same way you did last time?
      villain: omg, u stupid lucker
      villain: u sucked out and now u think you got skill?
      hero: yeah, and you loved it

      At this point he raised me, I re-raise, he and the other guy both fold, and I flip over 72o. Mission successful, he tilts. A few hands later I call his re-raise with QQ. He had AT and missed the ace, so I knocked him out. Conversation follows:

      villain: for f*ck sake
      villain: f*cking idiot
      hero: lol, gotcha
      villain: STFU MOTHERF*CKER
      hero: omg, I can't stop laughing
      hero: I bet you loved that, didn't you?
      villain: u sad lucker
      villain: if i ever see u in rl ill beat ur ass to death

      Considering the fact that I spent 8 years of my life practicing martial arts, this threat didn't sound all too convincing.

      hero: lol? lucker?
      hero: you called with AT
      villain: f*ck ur mom
      hero: stop, you're hurting my feelings lol

      In the meanwhile I found another table where he was playing, and decided to take my chance while he was still on tilt. This guy brought me a total of 4 victories, $15 each.

      The moral of the story is: apart from being funny as hell, such players obviously can't handle bad beats and go on tilt fairly quickly. They keep steaming for quite a while, and they clearly indicate it by the endless tirade in the chat window. These people fail to control their emotions at the poker table and therefore make excellent fish. This is why I love talking back to them, trying to get them more and more angry so that they go on tilt.
    • NRGBlaze
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 604
      I actually enjoy talking to guys like this. When you reply to them they tilt SOOOO bad.
      You just hurl two or three lines at them and they call you with anything afterwards just to prove how GREAT players they are.
      :heart: :heart: :heart:
    • Dragar
      Joined: 09.09.2008 Posts: 2,214
      I love it when I loose a hand.... like a strong pre-flop hand against a weak one which managed to get a straight or something by suckout and other players on the table start attacking the guy who won... wtf is up with that haha.
    • Ellfish
      Joined: 24.01.2008 Posts: 23
      I agree that it's hilarious to keep fueling people's rage when they are on tilt. The way some people act, you'd think they were actually 15.

      One thing I hate though is when villian sucks out on you, then says "hahahaha" or something similar. I ignore it, but from then on look forward to taking their chips or until they get knocked out so I can laugh back. =)
    • SalamiandCheese
      Joined: 16.07.2008 Posts: 569
      Yeah, I got a bad attitude to getting sucked out on, especially when it's AK vs. T6 suited and the guy made two pair on the turn. I usually just type in "u stink" or if they're really bad, "u really stink" :D
    • NRGBlaze
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 604
      Originally posted by SalamiandCheese
      Yeah, I got a bad attitude to getting sucked out on, especially when it's AK vs. T6 suited and the guy made two pair on the turn. I usually just type in "u stink" or if they're really bad, "u really stink" :D
      That's cruel man! You're def hardcore!
    • tehChipDonk
      Joined: 15.04.2008 Posts: 173
      i thought i would find my name here as my chat is barred at ftp by them...
    • Jonaton
      Joined: 05.10.2008 Posts: 237
      I love to play the part of the tilter. Playing people who think you are on tilt can be very rewarding. They assume because you're yapping that you're on tilt and not thinking clearly. I admit I like to yap alot at the table, not profane or particulaly insulting, but I find the only money easier that Tilt money is those who are out to get the guy on tilt.
    • Dragar
      Joined: 09.09.2008 Posts: 2,214
      Prince_TM: WQOW
      Prince_TM: !@$#!#$#@%$@
      ChrisMoers: lol..
      Prince_TM: wow
      Prince_TM: wuts funni man shut ur face u ugly lil piece of

      He went all in for like 1.5$ with JJ when I already raised with AQ, hence I called.... Q on the turn.
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