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Business Student's blog from novice to WSOP pro

    • chrisjharrington
      Joined: 22.05.2014 Posts: 4
      Hi all,

      I am a business student at Babson College and have been playing hold em on and off for around four years. I've just started studying the actual math , game theory, and strategy behind the game and have high hopes and aspirations to play in the WSOP.

      I am currently 20 years old (21 in a week) and am a third year student in business school holding an Associates degree in Business Administration.

      I've got a lot of experience in many different areas but i'll try to keep this geared towards poker.

      I encourage anyone to add me via linkedin or add / follow me on facebook

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      So here it is. I am the president of the Babson Poker Club and will be on full fledged pursuit of creating seminars and events with notable poker pros on campus. As a club, we've already connected with WSOP pro Bernard Lee who is a Babson alum and he is going to be a part of some of our events on campus.

      I hope to continue learning the game and strategy and become a notable player in WSOP as one of my many goals and aspirations in life / as a business student.

      So i'll start this off by saying, I've dwindled down from $100 to 0 on Bovada by playing without any knowledge at all to get some skin in the game. I don't have significant amounts of money to play with, so I saw this as a $100 investment to learn the game of poker. I'm feeling pretty confident now and am continuing to learn the game and I will most likely be depositing another $100 into Bovada this week and plan on playing very low stakes and learning while building my bankroll.

      I am just about finished reading Poker Math that Matters and Theory of Poker

      So yeah, that's a bit about me.

      Two nights ago (I had about $5 left in my account) i entered into a $2 buy in, $500 guaranteed and placed 16th out of 300 entrants. The win was $8.45.

      My last $2 last night (after a bad run) went to a tournament with 9 players entered, 3 players place in the money. There were 4 guys left and the blinds / ante was getting large so I shoved all in with pocket 88's against another guy who was all in. Turns out he had pocket 77's and he hit a 7 on the river.

      So now i'm just going to continue reading my books and when I finish i'll be ready to make another go at Bovada, this time 100x smarter with a gameplan
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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,022
      Hey Chris,

      Welcome to the blogs. :)

      So nice to see an American blogging. And why wouldn't you have aspirations to play at WSOP. "Action" Dan Harrington is a famous name in WSOP history.

      Looking forward to hearing updates of your upcoming cruise. :f_cool:

      Btw, I've had to edit out your contact information as our forum principles do not permit it.


    • chrisjharrington
      Joined: 22.05.2014 Posts: 4
      Thanks Laz and sorry about the contact info!

      I'm working on video blogging my poker games too, recording via fraps w/ commentary. Looking forward to sharing with you all and keeping this blog going.

      A quick hand i played last night that I tried to record but I'm out of space on my harddrive so I'll have to write it instead.

      I get 77 in my hand in UTG 2 position, UTG 1 raises, I call, another player re-raises and I call.

      Flop is 7 A 5 or something. 2 Diamonds.

      I notice the suited flop and the ace on the board, and this makes me speculate that I'll have at least one player who calls my bets who will be playing the flush draw, or the top pair.

      I raise it up $2 (This is .05 / .10 zone poker, blinds were raised to about .25 pre flop, pot is at about $1 and 4 other players in the hand)

      Two players call, two players fold out. The turn card is like an 8 off suit, some junk card. I notice now that if someone is playing the flush draw, it's time to shove because he's got no odds of hitting it with 1 card to come.

      I push all in with about $8 and get the last two guys to call all in.

      The hands revealed are the flush draw of diamonds and a guy with top pair (A and a kicker) and the turn card comes to a 3 off suit and I take the pot for about $20