I was hosting a cashgame with close friends today and i was playing really good. After 5 hours of play we called it to be the last hand of the day. (4players at the table)

I was dealt KsQs in SB and CO raised to 6BB. This player was suffering from the i want really badly to go home syndrome and he was rasing 90% of hands preflop like this for the last hour so i was confident he had a shit hand.

BU fold and i 3bet to 20BB, BBfolds and CO 4bets to 45BB. I can read him pretty good so i get him to count his chips looking to cash in on this last hand.

He has 60BB left and i go all in and he calls and shows 8c2c. I was very happy about reading him so good.

Total pot is around 210BB then i guess.

Flop: Qh7c3c , River was 6d and the turn was..ba'dum'tssss.. A CLUB!

After this devasting loss we ended the game and i cashed out with 1,5BB in #profits.