Help !

    • AnaJorge
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      So, i've been studying poker for some time, i've tried to apply what i've learned into my game, although it seems im not evolving, i may have a positive session but then i just another one that gets me back to 0 !
      In NL2 im supposed to have at least 10bb/100 to be crushing the field, and i have 1.43bb/100 in 60k hands !

      I already have one cool dude wich is answering a lot of my questions, and trying to help me evolve my game, but i dont know if i am doing it right...

      I tried to go up to NL5(wich i should'nt cause i ain't even doing well at the NL2) but i only lost money there..

      Can someone please watch me play and see where am i doing most mistakes so i can improve that part of my game ?
      (can't afford a coach, and dont wanna bother the other guy too much :f_cry: )
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