I am in the process of re-inventing my poker adventure, decided today to deposit $200 dollars and start playing $1.50 SnGs. In due course I will also start a blog so I can be more disciplined.

In the meantime, I have some questions that I hope some of you guys can help me with.I understand some of them may seem very basic, however I have tried to look for the answers on the forum and couldn't quite find any. If there are there, then I apologise for not having looked hard enough and wastime your time :D

My plan is to stick to 9man and 18man SnG, and having one day a week of MTT play. Do you think this is reasonable?

I have already purchased PokerTracker 4 and my next question is. What is the suggested HUD profile, what kind of stats should I be looking out for as a starter?

After having read all of the articles in the Basic SNG section, what should my next step be? Move on to Bronze ones straight away, watch some videos, post some hands for analysis, do the quizes on ICM Trainer Light? I plan to do all of those things but I'm not quite sure what should my next step is in improving my game.

I have played a few tournaments already today, and I wanted to know how you guys decide what hands to post on the evaluation forum. Biggest pots won/lost? etc.

Any recommended videos for SnG beginners that are viewable by Bronze members?

In other words, what shall I do to advance my poker? (a very lazy question, I know)

Thanks very much, in advance