Hey guys, I have another preflop adjustment question. In NL50 especially, I find a lot of aggro regs who are 3betting a wide range, but that range consists of premiums, suited and offsuit broadways, and occasional suited aces or connectors.

How would it be best to combat this strategy and SHOULD I make any adjustments?

Since the size of the 3bet is small, the opponents are usually calling the 4bets IP, if I happen to make one. Small size invites me to call PPs and suited broadways myself, and I 4b my polarized range of big pairs and offsuit broadways (blockers). Since the opponents have a wide and rather weak range, I don't get paid when I make my sets, and end up bluffcatching with the broadways OOP, which is not a great situation.

However, one could argue, that since the opponent is calling so many 4b IP, I am likely to make more money with my premiums.

On my part, if I 4b pre, I am super aggro postflop, and barrel all low boards even with air, because his range is broadway heavy.

Maybe I should stop calling the suited broadways OOP and just add them to 4b range, if he is calling so many 4b IP? Stuff like AJs KQs and ATs could dominate all his suited broadways that he wants to call IP.

Can this range I described be considered merged ? And do we combat a merged range by expanding our value range ?