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Rake in STT's

    • vaulsc
      Joined: 28.06.2012 Posts: 124
      Hi Guys,

      I play $3.50 9man STT's on Pokerstars. I recently set myself a goal of grinding through at least 500 games before I take my results too seriously. Financially, bankroll is not a big issue to me. I am making a profit from playing unraked poker in live homegames and bars, for hundreds of dollars, whereas I play the micros online for training purposes. Having said that I do want to move up in the stakes.

      But let's talk about rake.

      $3.50 (9man) on PS = $3.16 + $0.34
      $7 STT (9man) on PS = $6.45 + $0.55
      $15 STT (9man) on PS = $13.89 + $1.11

      Math isn't my strong point, so correct me if i'm wrong, but you'd divide the rake by the total buyin to get a %, so 0.34/3.50x100% = 9.7%. For $7 it's %7.9 and $15 is %7.4.

      My plan is to grind $3.50 for so long that I can identify a winning trend and build up enough of a bankroll that I can move up to one of these higher stakes. But choice of stake is a bankroll issue first, and table selection issue second. If I knew that I was beating $7, wouldn't it make more sense to deposit 100BI's or more and grind those instead so as to pay less rake?

      I welcome any ideas that would help me figure out whether moving up a stake would be enough of an ROI drop to render the Rake drop worthwhile.
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    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 10,525
      Hi, vaulsc...

      Tough call without a lot more info.

      500 games is REALLY a small sample for knowing how well you're doing.

      If you're profitable at $3.50, grind until you have some pre-determined number of $7.00 buy-ins. Then take a shot until you've lost 10% of that number (or whatever %) or won enough to take a shot at the next one up.

      I matters very little what the rake is, if you're losing overall.

      So if you decide you need a 50 BI bankroll for the 3.50s, then you grind until you have a 50 BI roll for the 7s. Play 7s until you're back to 45 BIs at $7, then build it back up and so-on.

      Don't worry about the rake -- concentrate on winning the hands, one at a time.
      Let me correct that: Concentrate on making the best play, one hand at a time.