And this is my story....

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      Earlier today (at work) I decided to deposit for the first time.
      Can't sleep for like almost a month now since I lost all my BR just right when I won a huge tourney. (I play micro btw)

      Well, it's the usual donk story.........CASH GAMES..........and blinds more than I have ever asjdfkjafsajfjsdf...damn!, just thinking about it drives me crazy....

      So, I made this:

      --------------------------------------------------- = egg ---------------------------------------------------

      It's always been my problem, I mean when to stop playing..and I have been thinking of ways how to make that happen.
      Then I had this idea of playing 5 tables a day. Yet still it wasn't enough..I know my urges and I'm too weak....

      And to make this story short, this is the only way I think my plan of playing 5 tables a day would work...Now I'll try and start again...(micro of course)

      and here it goes:

      I'm going to play 5 tables for every session. This way it's like a goal...and FUN!



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