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Finding my game.

    • Daggystyle
      Joined: 14.05.2014 Posts: 271
      Hey, i have been playing NL2 FR for about 3 weeks. Don't have more than 15k hands played, but it's safe to say i'm loosing. Which was expected and totally fine. I have improved alot in those 15k hands, but there is still plenty of leaks to choose. From blatantly obvious ones to others i probably won't notice until i move up the limits.

      Tried some 9man SNG's today and found it alot of fun, so going to try getting 100 games done in a week.

      I like tournaments alot, but i'm not comfortable making it my main "gametype" while not being able to beat microstakes cashgames.

      Is it okay to be playing around with games as long as bankroll management is maintained?

      I want to be a good cashgame player as i one day want to live of playing poker while traveling, but are SNG's more profitable than cashgames if you can beat them both?

      Best regards, Daggy.
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    • mrkhaan
      Joined: 23.02.2011 Posts: 263
      As long as you use proper BRM, there is nothing wrong in trying different games to find the "one", imho. But keep in mind that you have to keep count of variance when deciding to settle, you might, for example, feel like beating SnG while on a heater just to realize further on that you've been lucky in the beginning and you can't take hard swings.
      I think, the main concern should be comfort, ask yourself what games you enjoy the most/feel most comfortable playing, settle on those as your mainstream and have a little variety so you don't become a one trick pony. Zoom poker is my bread and butter but I also play a couple of mtt and several HU SnG every day to improve my overall game.

      GL with your quest.