Omahaha - swinging with the fish...!

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      Hello Everybody!

      Welcome to my blog!

      First I will introduce myself because I'm new to the forum.

      My name is AJ and I'm living in the Netherlands and I'm 26 years young. During the day I'm a normal student who studies Business Economics in his hometown University. But during the night I'm a PLO grinder. I play on the PKR network. I play there because I like the software and the players. It is a small site and so I know the better regs and the fishy fish. Sometimes there is no action during the day so I play on Pokerstars. When I have more time I will play some Holdem tournaments. Normally I would play the BIG ones or some rebuy tournaments.

      I came here because of two players I recently have contact with on skype. They love this site so I also have to love it :f_love:

      First impressions is really good so I hope I can learn here a lot and I hope people will learn a lot from me too.

      I will post daily with hands, graphs and think I learned during playing or during some analyse session!

      Hope you guys and girls will have a nice read and see you at the pokertables!

      This is my graph so far this year:

      most of time I play 50-100PLO with some 200PLO shots.
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