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    • TJtheTJ
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      Hey TheFrick,

      I'd imagine that it might be possible, but having a strong understanding of the most basic math is certainly helpful. If you don't know much about it yet, then perhaps our Poker Basics articles could be useful to you. Here is the first one on Odds & Outs.

      Especially as a beginner you don't need to worry about exact probability and EV calculations and whatnot. However, as you progress, it will certainly be useful to at least know the basic idea behind the math.

      Odds & Outs is the most basic and simple math concept you will use in poker so it should be useful to you immediately :)

      Hopefully that helps!

    • YohanN7
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      There's a popular myth saying that some (outstanding world class) players don't/didn't have a clue about probabilities odds and outs. The truth is, of course, that they know/knew this stuff at least as well as the competition.

      How you acquire the knowledge doesn't matter. But there's no escape. You need to know it. Sounds harsh, but it isn't that bad. Learning by experience is learning too. At the lower stakes others will make worse mistakes than you, and you might win in the process :)
    • ZapOut
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      You know whats weird ? A friend of mine 30 years old, is winning poker player with 7 class degree and he doesnt know about math nothing. Seriously, nothing !
      When i try to explain him the benefits of outs and odds, he just say me stfu, i dont need to listen that garbage, i know myself where and how i need to improve myself.
      And quess what, his a winning player ! Not just winning, but making a living out of it.
      He is never had read any book, neither strategy about poker. Most of his moves seems sooo fishy to me, but then again when he talks his mind of, i can see and feel the sense out of it. And he is strongly against learning by reading. He wants only experience, witch is working for him.
      He was actually who first introduced me with poker, while i was 16, so 4 years ago.
      When i started out poker, i was like him. I really made my living with poker. All what i did, i just played and had fun. Really i made 4 figs moths without a problem.
      And what know ? After reading all fkin books, learning strategies, doing math, i have hard time to get 3figs motnhs...
      Those books and strategys, changed my game and approach totally. I fkin hate it. Now i really have a problem, to get rid of that poker knowledge i got. Im serious !
      I wish i never would read any of those, they just fked up my mind. Like the society does with people...
      Just learn by doing it, experiencing it, having fun.
      Good bankroll management and Strong mentality is all you need. Nothing more !
    • ZapOut
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      Sorry for the de-rail but the title reminded me of:

      Best. Film. Ever.
    • VorpalF2F
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      Super Moderator
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      Originally posted by UPAY4DINNER
      Best. Film. Ever.
      Nah, Lord of the Rings was a better.

      There is a chart at the bottom.
      Until it becomes second nature, it helps to print it out and stick it next to your keyboard.
      Don't do like I did and stick it on your monitor :coolface:

      Whenever you are looking at a bet on the flop, check the chart.
      Try to remember before looking. This way, eventually you won't have to look.

      Now, how big is the bet, and how big is the pot.
      For example, if you hold a gutshot (11:1 against), but the pot is 12 BB and some spew monkey tosses in a single BB bet -- you are getting 12:1 odds, which beat the drawing odds.

      So call.

      If he fires out 9 BB though, you fold. Not worth the price of admission.

      You don't need to be precise. If you hit, you will likely get some more money off your opponent.

      Be careful though: Sometimes outs aren't outs. If your straight draw outs complete flush draws, you have to be very careful not to get to excited and spew a bunch <= (voice of experience here)