Changing Sites - Account Not Tracked

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      So I'm thinking of switching from Stars to 888 poker or somewhere similar. I have a few reasons for this;

      The first is that my account on Stars is not tracked by pokerstrategy, so I'm stuck in Limbo/bronze status. It sucks as I can't participate in hand evaluations or watch more advanced videos. It seems a little pointless being a member here if I cant level up.

      Second, I'm putting a lot of work into my 6max cash game. I'm playing 20,000 hands a week or more. That's a lot of rake, so I reckon clearing a decent welcome bonus is a good idea right now. 888 offers a $400 welcome bonus.

      Third, I think a change of scenery would be nice. I have a tracked account on Partypoker, but never liked the software etc (I only played SitnGos then). I've played exclusively on Stars for over three years.

      So is there a way I can avail of both? Can I set up a tracked account on a new site while clearing a welcome bonus? If so, can anyone recommend a site with reasonably soft 6max cash games in the NL25 - NL100 area? Is it worth going back to Partypoker for a while? Probably won't get a decent bonus to clear there though.

      Thanks for reading
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