Hello i had this hand earlier and would like some opinions to see if i played the best possible way.
6max zoom 2/5c
All stacks were 100bb+

UTG folds
MP folds
CO folds
BTN (hero) raises 3x with A7o, SB calls, BB calls

Flop Jd- 7s- 4d SB checks, BB checks, hero checks

Turn Ac SB checks, BB bets, 15c into a 45c pot, hero calls, SB calls

River 6h SB checks, BB bets 40c into a 90c pot, hero 3 bets to $1.65, SB shoves, BB calls, hero folds

SB 66
BB 44

My thought process was to check the flop to get to a cheap showdown vs two players,
On the turn card BBs bet looked like pure air or a weak ace so i called to keep bluffs on the river, when SB calls im thinking flush draw,
On the river i reevaluate the situation and figure that I can value raise/fold to shove since there's no complete flush and many worse hands that can call like A10, AQ, A9, A8, weaker two pair hands like 67s, A4, A6, and J7s