I was discussing bankroll with a friend of mine at the weekend in which we both agreed that my bankroll system is very light but also that it actually has theoretically bulletproof foundations. I'd be interested to hear thoughts on this.

He will always have 100bi behind him when he's at the table while I am quite happy to only have 20bi - though he's a cash player and I'm an S&G player so we are approaching from slightly different angles. My argument is that even though I know that 20bi is short and will have some significant swings, it is also impossible to go broke. For example:

I play four tables at a time. If my bankroll is $440 then I will play two tables at $20. This drops me to my base level of 20bi for $20 so I will play $10 stakes at the other two tables. If I have a bad run and drop to $200 then I will drop again to $5 tables.

This means that I have an almost bottomless bank as I can cushion myself by stepping one level further down. In theory I can ride out the bad run all the way to about 10c level if required unless I really go Tiltmaster McFishcall all the way to the bottom.

I'm expecting this thought process to be torn to tiny little shreds but I kind of hope that it isn't.