Opening ranges in SH zoom help

    • maythany
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      What do you guys think of these opening ranges for zoom 2nl SH games?
      Any Areas where I could add some hands?

      EP Opening Ranges

      MP Opening Ranges

      CO Opening Ranges

      BTN Opening Ranges

      SB Opening Ranges
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    • Michail00
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      for me, you open too wide especially when it comes to offsuit hands. Remember to open suited connetors to do flushes, stright, and good two pairs at low boards.

      It seems to me that you should see a series of videos from w34z3l's 6max walkthrough, where you are given RFI for each position and cold call, 3bet range.

      Forum topic: link

      Video (Silver+ status): link
    • holmeboy
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      My ranges for NL50:

      Originally posted by holmeboy
      Open Raising


      Rather than posting a load of pics of my different opening ranges I guess its easier to select some combos of hands that aren't 100% opens for me so you can see the difference. Going through this seems pretty ancillary but its something I like to do every ~100k hands. I get to see what's working for me and what's not. For ex A2s-A5s was a standard open here but after todays analysis I found out I'm losing money (-1.3bb/hand) so I can drop that from my game until I figure out while I'm losing. It could be a number of reasons:

      :spade: running bad
      :spade: playing bad
      :spade: rake

      Of course I'll only have a tiny sample so that I'm losing might not mean much other than that, but its good to go away and think about how to approach certain holdings in different ways; which is what I'll be doing the next week or two when looking at my A2s-A5s hands.

      I guess UTG explains itself really, I was playing a bit wider but I'm going to start tightening up here after today - losing with 65s-9Ts (-1.13bb/hand) in UTG as well.

      For conditions on opening wider I'm looking to see if there's a bunch of players at the table not giving me any trouble: rarely 3betting and easily exploitable post flop leaks like folding a lot to cbets. But I'll be slightly stricter on table conditions for A2s-A5s and 65s-T9s for now.

      A6s-A9s I open if the table isn't giving me any trouble and there's a fish in the blinds (I'm making 0.37bb/hand here).

      If I've got a lot of aggressive 3bettors to my left I'd start by folding 22-55 to tighten up, if they are giving me LOADS of trouble I'd just leave the table.


      I'm actually showing a good profit with A6s-A9s so this is something I might look to start opening more often, maybe 100% of the time. If I do that then I'll think about adding more gappers to my 'better table conditions' range.

      Conditions for opening wider/tighter are the same as UTG.


      The btn makes a huge difference on how much I'm opening CO. If they aren't 3betting much (<6%) and have a small spread between VPIP/PFR (less than 3-4 points) then I can open ~35% that you see here. With fold happy players in the blinds as well I'll often open ~40%+.

      I never open less that the highlighted 100% hands, the order in which I increase my range here is something like: one-gappers/Kxs/Qxs/Ax/two-gappers. I used to open off suit connectors/gappers but I'm losing money so I'll keep them in the wider part of my range until I go through my hand histories.

      For the late positions it's really important to take postflop reads into account. I've detailed my ranges for how much they are folding to steals, so if they defend a lot but fold a ton to cbets, for example, then I'll obviously open much wider than I've stated v those guys.


      I minr so: 2/(2+1.5) = 57% FE required. With two players left to act we need them to fold 0.57^1/2 = 0.75 each.

      Thats means if the combined fts of sbvbtn and bbvbtn is >150 we can profitably open any two cards.

      The minimum range I use if there's a fish in the blinds. We'll often end up in a multiway pot with poor connectivity, so I don't like opening much wider. All suited hands v unknowns or two regs.

      If sb + bb fts starts approaching ~140 I'll begin adding some of the offsuited stuff until we reach 150 when I'm opening 100%


      Raising to 2.5x means we need 2/(2+1.5) = 57% FE

      Against unknowns I'm opening everything highlighted. V villains folding <50% I'll use the super tight range.

      Once guys start folding >55% then we can start expanding our range to what's highlighted @100%, >60% any two suited and >65% slowly adding all the offsuited combos.

      I really, really don't recommend suited connectors from EP/MP on nl10 and below. The rake is far to high for it to be +ev

      Or check out Rake Victim's blog here
    • maythany
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      great stuff man!

    • YohanN7
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      Lots of things can be said about opening ranges, but the most important thing here is the SB open. You should open much much much less than suggested. Reasons:
      • You cant minraise. The BB could and would then call close to 100%, especially if he knew what you are doing. You must raise to 3bb (or, at the very least 2.5bb). He then needs to fold 67% of the time for you to autoprofit. Forget that.
      • When called (i.e. most of the time), you are out of position with utter trash in a raised pot very often.

      Raise less from SB than from the button at least.

      Edit: @holmeboy, great post.

      Regarding suited connectors: They need two ways to win. They make the nuts or the villain folds to our semi-bluffs. Both parts are problematic because most people (often correctly) assume that the (check-) raising range is composed of proportionally too many flush draws/straight draws. They don't fold unless the draws seem to hit.
    • feedmypokerbrain
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      Are these still up to date?
      Wat betekent SH? Als het 6-max is, kan ik er niets mee; speel alleen FR.
      6 is mij te wild.
    • SDK1987
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      Originally posted by feedmypokerbrain
      Are these still up to date?
      What means SH? If it means 6 max isn’t nothing for me, because I play Full ring (FR) tables.
      6 max is too crazy for me.
      SH means shorthanded and is indeed a 6 max table. Don’t forget you are on an English forum and not everyone speaks Dutch like you and I.