Hey, my name is Dag and i'm 21 years old and from norway. I like poker alot, I started playing online 2 months ago and my first 100$ dollar deposit was gone pretty fast as i was very result oriented which lead to tilts. And i basically played the playing style i would play when playing with my friends at our home games.

I then started to study poker and found it interesting, now i'm atleast breaking even at NL5 FR.

I want to join a study group so i can talk about poker alot more than i am now and learn from discussing and reveiwing other hands frequently.

I want to make the transition to SH in the future and HU late this year if my bankroll is big enough.

I'm playing at FTP and i'm active at skype everyday when i play.

My work allows me to work for 2-3 days and then have the rest of the week off, so i play when i don't work ofc.

Pm me if interested or if you already run a study group i could join.