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    • StartlingGrope
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      I'm in a position where, all being well, I'll be able to spend a decent portion of my time in France (as opposed to the UK where I live at the minute). It's recently occurred to me that the situation with online gambling in France is a bit weird. Does anybody have any experience of playing out there and do you know if I would be allowed to play from France on PS etc. because my address and bank is based in England or would I be automatically blocked and limited to the .fr sites? Thanks in advance.
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    • Swish29
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      Blocked and limited to .fr sites. PS won't allow you to run their .eu/.com client anyway. You can create an account on .fr without any problems, even if you don't have an address in France. I would create now in the UK a .fr account and give my British details (you can play on .fr sites even in the UK as the law in France forces French residents to play on the .fr, but anyone can play on the .fr as long as they have an address+bank account in the EU), and then play on the .fr.

      The good news is that you can track your new .fr PS account on PStrategy :)

      (I'm French fyi)
    • mrkhaan
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      Swish29 is absolutely right.
      I contacted a couple of days ago because I'm going back to France for the holidays and they confirmed that no matter where you're from, as long as you are in France you have to play on ARJEL approved rooms.

      (I'm french too by the way. ;) )
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      Thanks for the help guys :)