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[Promotion] Guess the hands and win $50!

    • JoshLogan
      Joined: 24.07.2013 Posts: 1,648

      Find yourself calling out opponent's hands during a session? Think your hand reading skills are worthy of envy? Well now's the time to prove it!

      Over the course of two weeks from Monday, June 09 to Sunday, June 22, we'll be posting three hands a week (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, each in a separate thread) for you to try and dissect.

      Simply hazard a guess at what you think both the Hero and Villian in our example hands are playing with to give yourself a chance of netting a cash prize.

      Time has run out for guesses at our third hand. Hero had AA, Villain had KJ - well done to all those who guessed either hand correctly!

      The fourth hand is displayed below, post your guesses in this thread.

      Guess The Hand competition: Rules

      • The time for guessing will be in between the time of each hand being posted (a hand posted on Monday can be guessed until Wednesday, when the next hand is posted).

      • Each user is allowed to post one guess each per hand followed by a brief explanation of their decision - "random" guesses will not be considered.

      • Users have to guess Hero and Villian's hole cards (suit indication not required).

      • For each correct guess at Hero's hand, participants will be awarded two tickets to the winner's raffle.

      • For each correct guess at Villian's hand, participants will be awarded one ticket to the winner's raffle.

      • After two weeks have passed and six hands have been posted, tickets to the raffle will be totalled and three winners will be drawn at random; the winners each receive $50 in their Tell-a-Friend accounts.

      • If you don't guess correctly at first, don't be deterred, you still have a chance of winning with only one correct answer.

      Hand #4

      $1/$2 Zoom No Limit Hold'em
      UTG+1 ($648.88)
      CO ($206.80)

      Preflop: Hero is CO with ?? ??, Villain is UTG+1 with ?? ??
      1 fold, Villain raises to $5.04, Hero raises to $13.60, 3 folds, Villain calls $8.56.

      Flop: ($30.20) (2 players)
      Villain checks, Hero bets $16, Villain calls $16

      Turn: ($62.20) (2 players)
      Villain checks, Hero bets $44, Villain calls $44

      River: ($150.20) (2 players)
      Villain checks, Hero bets $133.20 (All-in), Villain calls $133.20

      Total pot: $416.60

      Have fun and join the game!
  • 22 replies
    • BotiaKiraly
      Joined: 18.03.2009 Posts: 461
      Both villain and Hero have the same range, and can be holding any of the following hands:

      AJ, JJ, AA


      -Because of hero's triplebarrel, and esp. the Turn sizing, which is pretty big, seems like he is already setting up for river shove
      -Villain is just chillin' and callin' like he doesn't give a F cause he already won. + there are not many cards in his preflop range that could make a draw on that board

      Hero: AA
      Villain: JJ
    • SeagalSteven
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 893
      Villain cant have a draw here, when all of them miss (exept 32 :f_biggrin: ) and he calls shove otr, but hero can be bluffing with missed :spade: s or even 76 / QT. Hero is value-shoving JJ, AA, AJ, J9s, 99, AK.

      Villain: AJ
      Hero: KQ :spade:
    • pokerprons
      Joined: 30.09.2009 Posts: 421
      Hero has AJ and villain has 55.

      Hero 3bets AJ IP and Villain set mines. After hitting the set, Villain lets Hero 3 barrel with the intention of calling all the way. Hero barrels TP OTF and OTT and jams river for value when his hand improves OTR.
    • rstrunc
      Joined: 24.02.2009 Posts: 66
      villain - 99
      hero - QJ of spades
    • sherriffatman
      Joined: 30.04.2009 Posts: 273
      hero = AA

      villain = JJ
    • kidzoltan
      Joined: 05.08.2010 Posts: 870
      Hero's range is polarised here. Either air or nutted hand like JJ or AA, also he's betsizing on the turn indicates that he is setting up for a shove.
      Villain could have in this spot AA, JJ and AJ as well.

      My guess is:
      Hero AA
      Villain JJ
    • hockbrianey1
      Joined: 29.04.2011 Posts: 51
      Hero AJ

      Villain AK spades

      Both in oppenents ranges. Action makes sense.
    • brunoj1
      Joined: 07.01.2009 Posts: 26
      Hero JJ
      Villain AK

      Based on the history, problably both have really good hands...
    • murzius
      Joined: 02.07.2009 Posts: 134
      Hero AJ, Vilain Ax's
      Hero goes for value, and vilain was going for flush but got his A and dicide to call on river.
    • joey1toe
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 370
      Hero - AJ
      Villain - 55

      Hero - pre - 3bet in position with AJ, 1/2 pot bet on flop to keep villain in the pot, 3/4 on turn for value and shoves river when he hits 2 pair.

      Villain - pre - set mining, catches his set of 55's on the flop and goes on full calling station mode.
    • Daggystyle
      Joined: 14.05.2014 Posts: 248
      Villain has AJs and hero has AA
    • Tombic
      Joined: 07.02.2011 Posts: 272
      Villain AsJs-
      He must have made on turn, but not strong enough to check/raise turn. I exclude sets cause he should check/shove turn when hero shows overpair.

      Hero AA- only hand that he can play this way if i assume villain has flush draw
    • Regularproducer
      Joined: 15.02.2010 Posts: 11
      Villain: AsJs
      Hero: JJ
    • wealthybrainer
      Joined: 01.05.2013 Posts: 287
      Hero has premium hands or bluff, on flop bluffs can be AQo,KQo,AJo. Value hands are just AA,KK on the flop. On the river the only bluff left is KQo, value AA. Villain could call down with AsJs but would fold to a bet with QQ. Because villain called I give him AsJs. AJ blocks AA, so it is more likely that hero has KQo.

      Hero: KQ
      villain: AJ
    • darkphil99
      Joined: 10.07.2008 Posts: 5
      villain is 45
      hero is AJ

      preflop 3bet is just check the hand strength. after flop, villain got two pairs and guess hero`s hand is AK, AQ, so for value check-call, check-call again. villain never give up this hand...
    • rofliwin
      Joined: 17.06.2014 Posts: 2
      Hero: Q K

      Villain: 10 Q

      Hero seems to have a good hand pre and a strong draw, but the villain seems to be letting the hero hang himself here
    • StartlingGrope
      Joined: 08.06.2014 Posts: 67
      Hero has 99, Villain has AsJs.

      After pre-flop re-raise, Villain checks to hero expecting a bet and knowing that he has a million outs even if he's behind at this stage. Hero whacks out a bet and Villian is happy to see the next street.

      The 9 on the turn makes trips for Hero and, based on the previous call, assumes Villian has either overcards or has hit the J and puts in a decent bet to kill off a potential flush draw. Villian, still with a lot of ways to improve, calls.

      Hero shoves on the river to represent a missed flush. Villain now has top two pair and is quite happy to assume he's ahead and make the call.

      Either that or they both have rockets and the mysterious fifth ace on the river makes trips for both of them. :P
    • PerusJamppa
      Joined: 18.01.2008 Posts: 2,714
      Villain: A :spade: T :spade:

      Pre: Std raise and since villain is fish, he calls 3-bet OOP.

      Flop: He decides to c-c with nutFD.

      Turn: He decides to c-c again.

      River: Hits the ace and since he is a fish he goes for c-c again.

      Hero: AA

      Pre: Std

      Flop: Std

      Turn: Setting things up for river.

      River: Ace kind of sucks, but he'll shove it anyway.
    • adelaar
      Joined: 25.10.2013 Posts: 294
      Villain UTG+1 open-raises to 2,5 BB = $5,04
      He has a very deep stack 324 BB.
      His range is about AA KK QQ JJ TT 99 88 77 66 55 44
      AKs AQs AJs ATs AKo AQo AJo
      KQs KJs KTs KQo
      QJs QTs
      JTs J9s
      T9s 98s 87s 76s 65s

      Hero CO stack is 103 BB
      He 3bets 2,7x to $13,60
      CO 3bet range vs UTG+1 is about
      AA KK (smaller pair he will cold-call)
      A5s A4s maybe A3s
      maybe KJs
      maybe T9s and T8s

      Villain plays back and calls with the best part of his range.
      I make his range now AA - 88
      AKs AQs AJs AKo AQo
      KQs KJs
      JTs T9s 98s

      Flop 5sJc4s
      Villain chk-calls and Hero bets half of the pot
      Can be a standard cbet from hero
      Villains range: the hands with 2 overcards have 6 outs and those hands he will fold and not put half of the pot.
      So his range narrows to AA - 88

      Turn 9d
      Villain chk-calls again.
      Hero bets a second barrel of 70% to try to take down the pot.
      Villain has the feeling that he still has a strong hand otherwise he wouldn't call 70% of the pot.
      I narrow villain's range to AA- 99

      River Ah
      No one has made a flush, a wheel with 23 is very improbable.
      So the most that there is in this hand are sets or 2 pairs.

      Villain checks again and Hero goes all in. Villain succeeded to get all the money in and calls.
      Both will have strong made hands. Villain can take more risk because he has the bigger stack. Villain will not call with just one pair.
      So his range narrows to AA JJ 99.
      Hero will not go all in if he thinks he will not have the best hand.
      Hero's range narrows to AA A5s A4s AJo
      Hero risks his whole stack. With 2 pair he would not do that, because he knows that he can be dominated by a set. So his range narrows to AA only.

      My answer is Hero AA
      Villain JJ
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