Marto's 200 day challenge

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      On May 2nd, I started donking around with some £0.5 I had there from freerolls and made a profit of around £140 overall. So, instead of depositing more money myself, which was the initial plan, I decided to create a small challenge for the rest of the year - £0.5 to £5k by the end of the year, whilst playing part time.

      For the "initial stages" of this challenge, I will be playing 10max and 6max DoN games which are great for bonus clearing purposes. Around this time next month I plan on starting the $7 hyper turbo HUSNGs on Stars.

      Here's my graph for one of the American sites I played on:

      Okay results, obviously this doesn't include the bonus I played for, which is more than the $ won. The challenge is called the 200 day challenge, because there's around 200 days left of the year and I'll try and update this thread daily.
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